Thursday, July 1, 2010


Congratulations to The Grand Prize Winner of the NAME THE PHOTO CONTEST, Holly McDonald. Also Congrats to Holly and her family on their new expectation. I have photographed Holly's first two adorably plump new babies both when they were about 6 weeks of age. She worked so hard sending people to vote so that she could save money on another Newborn Baby Session. She wants to have this baby photographed around the same age as her first two, Ava and Maddox, but she is considering doing them at the true newborn age 2 weeks or under. In the photography industry, newborn age is much younger than the clinical age. To photograph those little curled up newborns in the new style of new baby portraiture they must be photographed ASAP!
With over 200 votes HOLLY wins 50% off any portrait session (up to $200 off) and she will also receive a 11x14 Heirloom Wall Portraits ($100 value).

I was in awe of how well this contest went: how quickly the votes added up; the response of the contestants at referring people to the jami ainsworth portraits facebook page and just how much I enjoyed seeing the numbers add up. There over 600 votes on the poll and also many additional votes fron the contest on the facebook page. The original contest was for 50% off for any portrait session package, value up to $200. Holly and another contestant were so close at time and the she took the lead. So as to reward both for being well above the others I am giving them both 50% off which is the reason I added the additional portrait to Holly's gift prize package.

Since the contest went so well and so many worked so hard to get the votes in I am adding runner-up prizes as well.

  1. FIRST RUNNER-UP: Deidra Cox with 134 votes for "Where's the Party?". She will win 50% off any session fee package. She has an "almost" one-year old grandson who she is wanting to be photographed very soon.
  2. SECOND RUNNER-UP: Crystal Shows-Tipton with 74 votes for "So we've established that I am the princess in this operation, my question is why am I sitting here waiting for my cake, presents, prince charming...? Someone is fired!" She will win $100 off any session fee package. I know Crystal has been planning to do family portraits and her son will soon be turning one. Maybe she'll choose a combination portrait session.
  3. THIRD RUNNERS-UP: These were so close that I am giving this prize to two people: Christal McGlothin and Darlene Curtis Walsworth. Christal's title of "Gone, Gone!" received 66 votes. "Oh well, I told Mikey to use E-trade," by Darlene received 63 votes. They will be receiving $75 of any portrait session fee package.
  4. FOURTH RUNNERS-UP: And a tie for fourth place totals go Nikki DeCell with "How old am I again?" (36 votes) and "You talking to me?" by Brittney Blaney Smith (36 votes). They will be receiving $50 off any portrait session fee package.

All Portrait Session Fee Package Discount Prizes must be used within 12 months from today's date.

Thanks to everyone who took the time to voted and to the contestants who spent hours solicting votes for your entry.


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