Thursday, August 28, 2008

Sunday, August 24, 2008


They were captured at Frogmore Plantation about two weeks before her wedding. She was a very beautiful bride. This girl is one those very sweet beautiful girls...beautiful inside and out. She made me feel like she was such a lucky girl to have me as her photographer, but I was the lucky one. It was a priviledge and honor to watch them commit to each other before their firends and family. Thank you, Chelsie! This first image was the one she chose as her wall portrait that was displayed at her wedding reception. I think she chose well!
As you can see from the following images, her choices were quite overwhelming. Any of these could have been the right one! Beautiful brides make my job so much easier!

This collage was created as a gift to Chelsie. It was displayed at her reception with many copies to be shared with her guests.

It has been over a week since I posted so I wanted to add something. Honestly, I haven't got much done these past few weeks. Helping your children move to their college town can be quite a difficult task, but try moving your 3-year old (grandchild) two hours away. I have seen her almost everyday for the last three years of my life, the first three years of her life. Now all of a suddenly, it is all changing...for the good of all involved...but not good for a Mimi's heart!

I know many of you are looking and wondering what's going on. I plan to start doing some serious catching up this week.

Your patience and understanding is very much appreciated and will be rewarded as well.


Tuesday, August 12, 2008


For someone who doesn't do weddings, I ended up doing several this year. I am considering offering wedding photography again with deluxe wedding packages only. But in efforts of catching up, I thought I would show this bridal portrait done before the actual wedding.

Amber's wedding and reception were held on the Vidalia Riverfront Convention Center. Thus it seemed only appropriate to do her formal bridal portrait there as well. The first image was a collage that I designed for Amber to share with her wedding guests.

Amber, if you are your mom see these. I am trying to catch up. If you would like to pick something out for the newspaper before I finish just let me know and we can do that together.
Thanks for looking.

Sunday, August 10, 2008


This post is to remind those of you who haven't visited in a few days to be sure in scroll down. I have been doing some posting from the past. The next post I just uploaded today, but before going out of town, before the last two posts, I had started one of Baby Jaden...who I am sure is over one year old now. For whatever reason, I didn't finish it and publish the post before I added the next one.

So be sure to scroll down to view BABY JADEN'S images too. At that time it was one of my favorite session. I love the relationship images that I captured in his session. His parents were so in love with him and each of those session that brought tears to my eyes. So I want to make sure that you get a chance to view these too.




This is Baby Madilda. I recently ran across her images too while working on an order for her mommy. Isn't she just adorable. I love some of these newborn poses...some that you will never get again once she outgrows her newborn features.

my favorite image from this session...

another fav

how precious is this? such a sweet relationship image--

The best things in life do not have a dollar sign on them!

another beautiful flower baby...

Also scroll down to see another recent session that I just now finished. And stay tuned, I will be making an annoucement in the near future about changes that I am working on for this coming fall.

Thanks for viewing!


Friday, August 1, 2008


sweet couple, huh?

These images are, of course, Marc and Jessie, that were photographed at Frogmore. Jessie scheduled the two-part session. She wanted images of Mark and his children for his mom and grandmother for Mother's Day. We surpized them with a sweet slideshow of the images. I heard they truly enjoyed this gift. Jessie as you can tell is not their mom. She is Marc's girlfriend. I was impressed with the fact that she didn't put herself in any of the images with them...she may be a permanent figure in their life one day, but for now she's just a very special person in their life. After all, your photos are forever, but not all relationships will be. However, I will add my 2 cents...I think Marc, Kayla and Blake are very lucky to have a special someone like Jessie in their lives.



My memory isn't that great, but I think Kayla and Blake are 9 and 10 years old. Blake being the older of the two. What I will always remember the most about these this sessions is how much these two children seemed to love each other. Their parents and grandparents have gotta love that! I know siblings always love each other, but most sibs are the way my two used to be--they prefer to act as if they can't stand each other. Though mine are grown or grown and almost grown and they are much better, but as a parent some of my favorites moments in life are where I saw them expressing love or at least like for the other one. So I was most impressed with how these two children related to each other....very, very sweet. Thank you, Blake and Kayla, for sharing your closeness with me.
They are were so easy to pose into these loving postions probably because most of it was them with a little tweaking from the photographer. (lol)
The one above and below are my favorite images from this session.

Of course, they really loved their daddy too.

This is another session that I am trying to catch up on. It really melts my heart to view these images again as I post them. I hope you've enjoyed viewing this sweet relationship too.