Thursday, May 28, 2009

Sneakpeak of 1/2 year portrait: Eli (aka six-month portrait)

I so love this image (above). Click on it too a larger few of it so that you can see just how pretty...I mean--handsome his eyes are.

I am doing a quick edit before moving on to my other work from this session that I had this morning. This little guy had so many good photogenic and such an easy going baby, every photographer's dream. I was quickly going to post this last one, but for some reason, blogger (as good as it is) seems to post the images darker than they really are and his eyes just didn't pop in this image like they really do. So I had to give one more sneakpeak and as you can see he has such pretty blue eyes. As cute as his expression and the overall image, I felt like a sneakpeak would be so unfair without one that shows off his baby blues!
Enjoy these two for now. More to come soon.

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

ADRIANNA (part 2: a little more than a sneakpeak)

Little Miss Adrianna loved the pewter rattle and she knew how to shake it.
One more tutu image...
Click here to see the tutu images posted in the SNEAKPEAK.


and for some reason, the babies always think the rattle is for teething too...

Modeling her new spring dress...

This little girl has the most striking eyes!

You know I love these images that show eyelashes...normally I crop the tightly, but the rattle needed to be inlcuded...that's what she was looking at.

Have you ever seen a HAPPIER FLOWER?

Some candy for your eyes!

Tuesday, May 19, 2009


or should we say "LITTLE MISS BLUE-EYES"...
so bright and cheery in her spring dress...

She looked as bright as a flower--so I couldn't resist this one...

Black and white/playing with her foot...
I love the playing-with-their-foot phase.

So beautiful even with drool on her typical for this age.
Full-Length color version of the above image (previously posted)...

Isn't she a doll?
Raven was five-months old in these images. I absolutely love photographing babies this age!

Thursday, May 14, 2009

ADRIANNA: Sneakpeak from "just babies" Spring Promo

Isn't she a doll? I was working on these images while trying to do a million other things today, but I couldn't resist wetting every one's appetite of more of this little blue-eyed beauty. She is just tutu cute!
Okay, back to more work. I just felt the need to share these.

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

MAKENNA: Four-Months old

4-months old
Isn't she just adorable?
a tinted image of Makenna...
I love that little crooked smile.

and these big blue eyes...

This petticoat so cute that I had to tint one of these too.

Looks like she has something she wants to say, huh?

She's got one of those little faces that makes you just want to pinch her cheeks.

and these cheek too...
She makes a perfect little cherub since she is such plumpy little baby!

vintage image...

Today I had a rough visit at the dentist office. It took quite a while before my mouth/face started feeling normal while I was still feeling numb and totally not myself, I started working on editing the recent "just babies" images. I hope you enjoy viewing Little Miss Makenna's images.

Monday, May 11, 2009


So there's a variety of images of different Maternity Sessions that I have photographed over the years. I have done many others, but these were easy to access at the moment. I have wanted to do a post about maternity portraits and newborn portraits for a while now. I have delayed doing it because of many other things going on at the same time, but also because I wanted to make some changes in the present packages. Maternity and Newborn Session usually require a little more time than other sessions..okay a lot more for newborns.
Some of you may know, I have considered giving up my passion...maybe because I haven't been as compassionate about it for many different reasons, but the main reasons end up turning to the almighty dollar. I really hate that, but we do what we love and if we happen to make some kind of "real" job out of it, sometimes after all you deal with all the complications that come with things like this...some of the love and passion begins to fade. In my efforts to not completely quite, because there is so much about photography that I DO STILL LOVE, I started this partial sabbatical last summer with intentions of it going until the next school year (this fall) and possibly the next school year. As it looks now, it probably will be next school year too. As the end of the next year approaches, I hope to have found my "groove" again...actually I hope to drop work that I don't enjoy any more and/or work that isn't as profitable. Let's face it, after a while, no matter how much fun something is once it has become a source of income it it isn't profitable the fun begins to fade away.

With that being said, I will confess that Maternity Portraits are not the most profitable sessions that I capture. I truly understand the need of them and the desire of the parents/families to capture this time in their lives. I wished I had done this with my pregnancies (or at least my 2nd one that I gained only 18 lbs.) and I did, in spite of the situation, make sure to have a session with Brittany and Cameron when she was pregnant. I still believe that no matter what the situation is that pregnancy/birth is still one of the greatest miracles from God. So quickly after Maturnity Session is captured, the next big moment in the family's life is the birth of their child that leads to their Newborn Portrait Session. So sales from Maturnity Portraits are usually low because parents usually want to spend more on the images from the Newborn Session. So I confess that I haven't spent much effort in promoting Maternity Portraits the last few years. I do not want to NOT OFFER these sessions. So I have created a package that I think will suit the parents-to-be!


  • Portrait Session for one-two hours
  • 24-30 (4x6) image preview images (photographer's choice)*
  • 1 (one) 8x10 Heirloom Portrait (client's choice)
  • Images to view online with option to purchase additional portraits for appoximately 2 weeks.
  • TOTAL PACKAGE $295.00 + tax


  • Should be photographed between 32-36 weeks (approximately 4-8 wks before due date)
  • $100 deposit must be paid to reserve the date for the session
  • The balance including tax should be paid 2 weeks before the session date.

Okay, I may add addtional info, but for now that's what I have.

*Very soon the 24-30 preview images will be converted to a digital preview album of all the images that are posted online.

11th on the 11th....(my 211th post)

ANOTHER SNEAKPEAK FROM THE RECENT "just babies" PROMO Just for fun, comment and tell me if you recognize this little guy!
I was going to post this photo last night. I want to post a few images from the spring promo that took place on the 2nd. I want to post an image or two over the next few days as I start trying to do some catching up around (now that LSU finals are over)! Last night when I realized that this post would be my 11th post for May and that tomorrow (now today) would be the 11th, I decided to save it for today so that I could call it the 11th on the 11th. How ironical when I realized that it was my 211th post on this blog too! So this post of this handsome little guy is my 211th post to post since I started blogging for Jami Ainsworth Portraits and it is the 11th post of the month posted on May the 11th. So maybe today my lucky number is the 11th!

Friday, May 8, 2009

SPRING "just babies" Sneakpeak:

This little blue-eyes beauty is Makenna. This photo reminds me of the sunshine on the Teletubbies. After doing all the catching up on posting images, I couldn't resist wetting your appetite for more baby images. Makenna was the first baby session that I photographed last Saturday. I love photographing babies and working on baby images, but for now I need to get off for a while and cook supper for my family!

PROM 2009

with her date...

Her dress photographed beautifully in black and white.

another black and white image...

But also very beautiful in color too!

See what I mean...

A close up of Cari with her new smile. She got her braces off the day before.

With her date again by the columns at Stanton Hall in Natchez.

I am trying to catch up on blogging for all three blogs and since I am pretty sure some people don't look at my personal blogs, I wanted to post a few of Cari from prom. She looked so beautiful that I couldn't resist sharing here too.