Friday, July 31, 2009


CADE I love the crop of this image. I was cropping a favorite image (shown here in color in the basket) for a close-up shot in one of the parts collages of him. Now I think it is one of my favorite images (cropped just like this) from the whole session.
I love the way babies hold their feet.

I like the way he is leaning in on this one. Of course, we were holding our breath in hopes that he would NOT decide to lunge out the chair. [We did have his mommy spotting him, but it is always one of my fears.]

This was series/group of images captured with his sister with them being angels and I zoomed in for this sweet one of just him. I think it is just precious.

What a beautiful angel!

Boys can be angels too!
As you can see from this capture, this little guy could not or would not be still. He wanted to go, go, go!

Macy outside...

Cade and Macy with their Mommy...

Little Tiger Fans...
I love the way he is holding the football!

The Little Rookie...

and his big sister the model...
Do you remember my post AMERICAN'S NEXT TOP MODEL? This is the same little girl! She loved modeling for me!

This is same image as the first one (not cropped and not convert to black and white). As you can see, it is a great capture either way!


After dance camp, being sick (that I am still getting over), mini vacation, birthday party and I am sure some other details that I am over looking at the moment, I have been doing some catching up this week on editing and ordering too. So hopefully soon, I will have more to post. Though I also undergoing some major work here in my home/studio. I will try to keep my posting updated.

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Baby Girl and Baby Boy...


I love that I captured both babies asleep. That's always the challenge with twins. The biggest challeng this session was capturing them awake at the same time. Next time I think that will be much better, but for now, I do think I captured some beautiful twin portraits for Delilah's and Leon's families.

Who knew that pacifers could be props too!

I love Delilah's hand in the collage on her brother's shoulder.

I didn't capture as many good images of Delilah as I did o her brother. Next time it will probably be the other way around.

Thursday, July 16, 2009


If all goes wells, by this afternoon this is THE VIEW that I hope I view from my camera angle. After a portrait session this morning at Rosalie, my daughter and I are on our way to the beach. I was blessed with a "spur-of-the-moment" invitation that I couldn't resist. So I did a little re-arranging and as much work as possible (I will be back to work by Monday.), so that we can experience a litte rest and relaxation on the beach with good friends. God blessings can in many ways!
Have a good rest of the week and weekend!
I plan to do just that!

Friday, July 10, 2009


Makenna and her daddy...
After two weeks of dance camp and one really rough week of one really bad sinus infection, I am working today, Friday. Now it's almost weekend. At least I got a few orders made that should receive early next week and I am almost through editing this session. I have been doing pretty good "almost" getting caught up until the last three weeks. So this session is in order, but a few weeks behind getting them ready to view. As my motto of life seems to prevail: BETTER LATE THAN NEVER!

Wednesday, July 1, 2009


Yesteryday was the "official" end of my NAME THAT PHOTO, my first photo contest. I hope do some more of these. Would any vendors who follow my blog like to participate and be the sponsor and give a way a great prize to the winner?

After I began the contest (the next day or so later), I found my own inspiration and I did come up with a title or caption as you might call it: Brother to Baby Sister, "There are two things in life you can count on: John Deere and Me." Okay, I know...I can't win the prize! So there are several others I really like:

MY DAUGHTER'S FAVORITE (She thinks it should be a short title): "Tutu Deere".--by kanna

But since it is my blog, I get to choose the Winner! It's fun being the boss of something...well, sometimes it is! AND THE WINNER IS: PENNY

I'll let you wear my tutu IF you let me play with your tractor.

And actually, I think I like this better than mine. I wanted something that tied in the brother/sister relationship along with the John Deere (tractor) and the tutu. This sounds just like a conversation to siblings would have with each other.

Penny, I am trying to decided if I will may your tutu or if will get my friend, Rachel, from Washington State, who has made many of my tutus to make one for you. I recently purchased the materials in white and lavendar. Anyhow...I will let you know and I will post a photo of the prize before I send it to you. Contact me via email for your address for me to mail it to you or just meet you in Vidalia at a convenince time for both us. Either way it will be next week or the next before I get it to you. Not much as been accomplished around here this week or last, since I have been on Mimi Duty much more than photographer duty. Congrats to Penny! And thanks to everyone who played along. It was such a fun contest for me!