Tuesday, March 31, 2009


Computer Issues and GAME RULES

I am posting my Wordless Wednesday a few hours early. I have a lot to do tomorrow and I am seriously considering not getting online tomorrow. Call me paranoid, but I am a little concerned about the new virus, Conflicker Worm. I had enough computer issues back in the fall that I think I have had a life time of computer problems...so frankly, I don't really want to chance it. I just heard more about it on the news tonight. Maybe it's no big deal...the news does tend to make a "big deal" out of everything, but I guess I just hate to take a chance. So I am doing whatever I need to do tonight.
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  • Create a google/blogger account (If you don't already have one.).
  • Click on "publish your comment" or "preview".
  • If you click preview first, you then still have to click "publish your comment".
  • It's that simple, some people have their blog set up different where you have to type the code/password in first, but I have this set up like this...So Simple!

    Since my next post is title Worldess Wednesday, I am putting my WORDS out her now. I posting an image of a baby. I know his mommy and grandmother would recognize this image, but I want to make a game out of Wordless Wednesday. So here's the Rules:
  • If you recognize the baby, tell me who he is or who you think he is. I have photographed him before and his photos have appeared on here two times before this one.
  • The first person to recognize him, first name only, will receive a FREE PORTRAIT SESSION AND A FREE 11X14 HEIRLOOM PORTRAIT at my next promotion. [Details coming real soon to a blog near you...okay, this blog!]
  • Even if you do not recognize him, leave a comment anyway. There will two winners for this Wordless Wednesday Game. I will randomly draw a winner's name to receive FREE SESSION FEE AND PACKAGE E [two-5x7 of the pose] for the next promotion.
  • Winners will announced should be annouced Monday or Tuesday.

Of course, the mommy or grandmother of this baby who will be featured in this new little game called WORDLESS WEDNESDAY GAME cannot be the winner of the first price (free session and 11x14 Heirloom Portrait), but she can still have chance for the random drawing.



Saturday, March 28, 2009

One More Session finished: Two month baby boy

THIS IS BABY COLIN.These images that I am posting are my favorites from his recent portrait session. Colin's grandmother brought him here for his first portrait session. Isn't his mother going to be so surprized to see her handsome little boy's first portraits?

a collage of assorted images that were captured during the session...

When I was editing these images, I thought this one looked like he just threw a pitch. Then I realized it was his left hand. You know how coaches love those lefthanded pitchers!

"Every Good an Perfect Gift is from Above". James 1:17
It doesn't get much more perfect that a a new baby!

Isn't he just adorable? I love they kick their feet in the air.

Such a handsome baby face...

That's it for now. I just wanted to go ahead and post these quickly because I just sent the email to his grandmother along with her password to view his images.

Friday, March 27, 2009


There you have it, a beautiful professional image from the past. This is Natalie, yes, my Little Sweetheart, Natalie. She is approximately 3 wks old in this image. A tad old for the typical newborn portraits like this. As a newborn Natalie was one of those extremely laid back newborns, but it seemed each time we started her sessions, she would turn into the opposite baby...the opposite of whatever we were trying to capture. You know how it is..when we wanted her awake, she wanted to be asleep and vice versus as well. I took some of her at 5 days and then around 2-3 week mark we did two other sessions to finally capture the images that I desired for her newborn session. I never even made newborn session slideshow of her like I used to do for all my other newborns. I do intend to still create some kind of digital newborn album. After all, I have these images forever!

Thursday, March 26, 2009


Since I recently posted the NOW image here along with other favs from the session and I knew it was about year ago that I photographed Little Miss Addy the first time, how perfect. She was born right around Christmas so it was just a little too hectic for her mommy to get her in here within that perfect window for the ideal age for newborn portraits. So I met Addy about 2 months later. She did some serious growing her first two months of life. Check it out:
Is it amazing how much babies grow and change in a year?

In continued efforts of trying to keep my blogs updated much more often, I am trying to continue with special themes such as this one THEN AND NOW THURSDAY. If you missed last week's them, click HERE. I am using other themes too between this blog and my other two such as Not Me Monday, Too-Cute Tuesday, Wordless Wednesday, Way Back Whenesday, Wordy Wednesday, of course's today's Then and Now Thursday and I've also done Terrific Thursday and Flashback Friday. Some of these are my original ideas and some are others, but I am sure the origianls are still not totally originals since they were influenced by others ideas, a nice fun way to share more images and info in the blog world! If you have any additional theme ideas, please let me know...I have thought of a few others, but the only one I can think of at this moment is Freaky Friday...which I have not done yet. If they right images for this theme pops up in my mind at the same time, I will do that it one week too!

Tuesday, March 24, 2009


Litte Miss Addy was a little intimated at first. She wasn't so sure about this whole portrait thing as you see in her most shy looking expressions in these first few images.

I love images of babies (toddlers too) holding their feet.

With a little time and little playing with me, she warmed up and began to have fun.

smelling the flower...

Isn't she so cute sticking her tongue out at us?

These images make me laugh!

I love her expression in this one. Isn't she adorable?

I love her little plump cheeks...I could just pinch them.


Only one more session and I will be caught up on editting. I have other work and orders to finish. I am finally seeing the light at the end of the tunnel...and I recently read this quote: "and this time it isn't a train!" At least I hope it isn't!
As soon as I get a little more accomplished, I plan to schedule my next "just babies"/Spring Portrait promotion! So stay tuned!

Sunday, March 22, 2009


These are two of my favs from a little mini session that I had with my little sweetheart yesterday afternoon. It was such a pretty weekend. It was nice to spend it with family and I so enjoy photographing images of my beautiful little sweetheart, Natalie.
I also posted a SNEAKPEAK of another one of my favs on Natalie's World. If time permits, I will post more later! I just couldn't resist sharing these few.

Friday, March 20, 2009

FLASHBACK FRIDAY...one year ago in the studio

This image is close to my heart. One day I hope to have a grandson and have opportunity to capture an image of him like this. [No time soon, I hope. lol] My son played baseball most of his life and we miss those games already. It will be nice to some day see another generation in our family play ball!
These next two images are two storyboards that I created as part of their preview images.
Funny Face..
Does anyone remember the song that goes like that...funny face, funny, face, I love you...? I don't remember the rest. I think it's country...I think I remember hearing as a kid. I don't remember the artist, but I do think Funny Face is the title. Just wondering...
Babies do make the cutest little funny faces.

The baseball storyboard along with other "boy" images.

In efforts to keep more new posts, I hope to continue to make posts like this one called FLASHBACK FRIDAY.

Thursday, March 19, 2009

THEN (not so long ago) and NOW (newest session) THURSDAY

Once upon a time there was this boy named Charlie and this girl named Casey. As you might guess they were friends that grew to be more than friends. Yes, they fell in love and knew they wanted to spend the rest of their lives together.

Casey purchased a beautiful dress and hires Jami as a wedding a photographer almost a year in advance. [By the way, great planning, Casey.] So first their engagement session was photographed...this gave Jami a chance to meet the bride and groom in person. She had already met Casey's mom and had talked to Casey over the phone.

[This is when I became an intricate part of this family's lives. I captured beautiful engagement photographs in spite of the wet grass due to the dew. I wanted to post one here, but not bad enough to dig through my back up files...so use your imagination.]
[I did learn during the first session that Charlie was a great guy and very lucky groom. He had Casey didn't he? This is when I really began to bond with this family. We did have some really nice images from this session photographed at Rosalie before the wedding. If I run across them in the near future, I will post them then.] Okay...back to the story:

Casey needed a beautiful bridal portrait to surprise her groom, to display at the reception, for the newspaper, but above all as an heirloom to cherish forever! So back to Rosalie during Spring Break while the Azaleas were blooming....what perfect timing to create such an HEIRLOOM!

The day had come for the bride and groom to pull all the wedding plans together to celebrate this special day with family and friends. [To me, that's what the wedding is...the day of celebrating and sharing your love with all the others that you love!]


[Do you look at the these images and wonder how we captured so many nice images of the bride and groom? You know, after the wedding, it is always so hectic trying to take pictures, cut the cake, the first dance, throw the bouquet and before you know it..it's time to leave. Here's how I did it and the only way I would photograph a wedding if I were to start doing them again. The Bride and Groom actually see each other before the wedding. Yes...that's what I just said (i mean typed) they SEE each other. It's all set up where they see each other for the first time in their wedding attire. I've done it different ways according to the particular wedding arrangements, but it is a very special moment. I've been told it takes the edge off of them being so nervous when it comes time to walk down the aisle. I just know as a photographer...it is best in so many ways. But here are just three examples: 1)You have more time to create beautiful bride and groom poses (the old way you usually only get a few shots because by the time you finish all the others, you don't have much time left for the main characters of the show). 2) As soon as the wedding is over it's time for the celebration (the party, a.k.a., the reception). 3) You look great in your wedding portraits because your clothes are still fresh and so is your make-up before you've cried and kissed a dozen friends and family. The list goes on...okay, enough of the soap box...back to the story.]

Let's get Hitched!

Some time later...
Casey and Charlie are expecting their first bundle of joy, but for some reason, God was ready for him to come home before his parents were ready.
God's miracles never seem to end because before long Casey and Charlie were excited the holiday season of 2007 as they were expecting a baby girl, named Avery. Casey's mom, Cristi wanted an extended-family portrait session while Casey was expecting her "Miracle from Above".

The Holiday Season of 2007 this family was expecting a Miracle.

Due to some unforeseen complications, Little Miss Avery Grace could not wait until her delivery date to get here.
To read about about Avery's Debut in this world click:

And Baby Makes Three:
The look of love...
[Just briefly reading Casey's story from the above link and then looking at this image, I find that I still tear up. WOW! OUR GOD IS SO GOOD!]

Charlie makes a great a dad!

And could Little Miss Avery Grace be any luckier than to be born to a mom like Casey!

[After months of reading Casey's mom's updates and continual requests for prayers for this sweet, sweet little girl and about a month after she came home from the hospital, I finally meet Avery! Isn't she precious?]

about 12 weeks old

Approximately 11 months after Little Miss Avery was expected to arrive, I photograph her one-year portraits here in my studio. She looks like a typical one-year old!

My a year flies by so fast!

I hope you enjoyed my first THEN AND NOW THURSDAY story. I don't have many stories like this to tell especially since I don't photograph miracles like Avery everyday, but I am sure that if I dig through my files from time to time that I can find something similiar if not from clients...I am sure I can look through my own personal files. Do you think you can tolerate one more image of My Little Sweetheart?

P.S. Casey, I hope you didn't mind me doing this little story...I may not even have it accurate, so let's just call it a story. I had worked on some of the wedding images that I wanted to use when I posted images of Avery first portraits on the blog. I had picked several and wanted to post them and these along with the images. So then I had this idea of a THEN AND NOW post thus I decided to do it like this. I also realized that I have several images from the newborn that I never posted. I had picked about 10 or more to post, but then I quickly posted the "sneak peak" my favs. So stay tuned because I will probably be posting the rest from the newborn session soon too! I included a few of them here. I will probably end up re-posting a few of these again when I do the other post. You don't mind me showing of your images more than once, huh?

Tuesday, March 17, 2009


Isn't she adorable?

Even with a pouty serious expression?
Avery liked my rattle.

Beautiful Baby Girl...

sweet expression...

Apparently, we were boring Miss Avery!

Check out those eyelashes in this profile?

Now, Mommy, can you tell from this sneak peak that your Little Princess was not into her One-Year Portraits? I don't think so!



...well, you definitely can if you are one-year old!

"miss january"

As you might suspect these images are from the 2nd half of Little Miss Avery's One-Year Portrait Session/Birthday Cake Session!

She wasn't in the greatest of moods for her session. I think she didn't finish her morning nap...so could you blame her for being just a little cranky. A girl's gotta have her sleep!

But when we got the cake out...she dug in...still not all smiles, but totally enjoying her cake!

She wasn't paying attention to me (photographer) or anyone else by this time. She loved this cake. It wasn't her first time to have cake....often the first time an almost one-year old has cake for the first time it is here...during their birthday cake session. Because of schedules and illnesses, Avery's party came first. So she knew she liked cake!

Collages and storyboards are a great way to display the images from a birthday cake session. This is one of the collages that I made with some of Avery's images.
I am down to two more sessions, but still lots of other work. I wanted to get this blogged and online for Avery's mommy and Nonna to see!