Saturday, April 25, 2009

SISTERS: Senior Portraits...Paige & Rachel

THIS IS PAIGE AND RACHEL. Due to illness that Paige went through when she was a freshman, she didn't graduate with her class last year...instead she graduates this year later, but with her best bud, her sister, Rachel. I loved the way these two really were each other very best friends. It was my priviledge as a photographer to share this special morning with them. So how could I not photograph their senior portrait when Paige asked me to a few months ago. I photographed their sister in the Spring of 2004. It was just a few month prior digital for me so I don't have the images on my hard drive...actually it was during my transition days. I had digital files, but their wer from film. Now if any photographers are reading this, it was during my "Pro Shots" from Kodak days. They don't event offer Pro Shots any more. I continued to use Pro Shots for a little while as began to photograph 100% digital. Man, time have changed significantly in this industry the last 5 years. WoW!
I think this was my very favorite image of the two girls!

It was really bright in this location, but after someone's suggestion I thought we would try it anyway. I think it worked for this pose.

This one is brighter than the next one photographed in the same location. A little fill ligth is used in this one versus all natural in the next. I liked both even though they very different because of the lighting method.

Pretty still...but softer lighting.

Laying on the porch...


I finished one sister's images last night including images to blog with, but I still haven't finished the other one. I was so hoping to have them done before the weekend. I have a lot that I need to do today...first I need to finish laundry and soem general housework. Brittany and Natalie (my daughter-in-law and granddaughter) are bringing Cari (my daughter) back from L.SU. today. Cari is their for the State Literary Rally. Natalie is going to stay with us and her other grandmother who lives in the area for the next two weeks while her parents prepare for and take finals at LSU. [Which is one reason why I was so wanting to finish before today...but I am almost done!] Today is Cari's prom. So when she gets back to town we'll have a very busy afternoon with hair and make-up. Then I will be following their bus to take photographs of Cari and her friends...though I am a little disappointed that I won't be seeing most of her friends because she is going with her boyfriends class/group (a grade above her). Though I am so looking forward to seeing these photographs and sharing them here. She got her braces of yesterday. OH MY! What a gorgeous new smile she has! It has always been great (in my opinion), but now it is awesome! We have an awesome orthodonitist too!

I will try to post prom images soon, the rest of these two sisters (individually), more of Brooke's ( my neice) and I have photographed an outdoor baby session with his older brother that is almost ready. I have several orders that have come in since early this month that I hope to get to also very early next. Many of them I have not even looked at very well because early this month I was dealing with my mom and her knee replacement surgery, then the next week was spring break...had this senior session and my neice's senior portraits too...all at the same time that I was extreme pain with a pulled muscle in my lower back! Then last week just when I was getting over the back pain and trying to start playing catch up I have had several bad headaches. I am beginning to think that I am suffering from some kind of migranes on top of my chronic sinus problems. Geehs!
So if you are one of my praying friends/readers/clients, please pray that I can recover and stay feeling better. And while you at it...just pray about me and my business in general. I have been going through something that I don't even know how to explain and definitely don't know what to do...I sort of feel like I am at crossroads, but yet I don't even know what at either direction of the roads. Sounds what I mean about my difficulty in explaining this.
Thanks for viewing and I hope you enjoy these images of Paige and Rachel.

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

FAMILY PORTRAITS (with first grandbaby)

The above image is one of my favs. I love capturing a family admire their newest member!
THE CHILDREN: Four children and one grandchild...

I think I was boring the little guy!

The whole family again with the proud grandmother holding her grandson, Little Owen.

Mom and Dad:

I think this little guy was 4 months old, but he was a it could be classified as a 3-month photo as well.

I know I have been missing in action again. I am finally feeling better today. I finished editing this session last night. Now I need to get the online so the family can view the rest of them.

Thursday, April 16, 2009

SENIOR 2009: my niece, Brooke (sneak peak)

My mom's first granddaughter (2nd grandchild), my first neice, born 17 months after my first child...Brooke Ashley.
I will never forget the day she was born. I was there in the hallway guessing how much she would weigh with some of her mommy's other friends and some family. I don't think any of us were even close. Her mommy had gained less than 20 pounds. Throughout the entire pregnancy, she was very sick. Well somehow God provided enough nutrition for the beautiful girl to grow and develop into an eight pound and fifteen ounce newborn. Yes, 8 lbs and 15 oz was Brooke's birth weight. What a beautiful young lady she has grown into! I couldn't resist posting this sneak peak of my beautiful niece, Brooke.
As many of you may know, I am in the process of phasing out doing senior portraits. I think babies are just my forte' and that as a senior I prefer a simple classic style. I just don't think I am "rad" enough! Yes, my 16 year-old daugher laughed when I used the word "rad" too. But maybe you know what I just seems today's seniors (teens) are much more trendy than and I am or even really desire to be. Classic baby portraits will never go out of style...though I hope to continue to bring cute/new ideas to that spectrum is just so much fun to do so.
I photographed three seniors this year and I did them all in one day. The same day that I am still suffering from some kind up pulled muscle...might add extremelly painful pull! In spite of my pain, I think I pulled of some pretty nice images. I hope enjoy a new image to view since my last few posts have not included any images.

Tuesday, April 14, 2009



Are you wondering where I am and what going on? Me too...well, I guess I sort of know. Last week was consumed with spending time with Natalie and going to my mom's to cook for her and do some light housework. Then I woke up yesterday morning with my major back pain...actually, it's my lower back (right side), an old injury from this summer. I re-scheduled the session for today until tomorrow. I am still not much better so my daughter (who is home this week for spring break) will have do my bending tomorrow. I am sure I will pay for my being my assistant. So as you might guess, I won't be doing my spring portraits this weekend as I mentioned in the previous post that I would consider...not because of the recital but because of this pain in my back (literally). So mark your calendars:

MAY 2nd
"just babies"
I don't have any details as to any special theme or agenda...I may consider also adding a day to two beforehand for those who don't do weekends well. Sorry for the lack of information. Last week, I was overwhelmed with family and Easter. And now this week this back pain. My husband can tell that I am not feeling well today...I haven't had much to say this not me! So stay tuned for an update.

Tuesday, April 7, 2009


Most of you were correct, CASH. Click HERE to see the last time Cash made his appearance here. Click HERE to see the first time I met Cash and his parents. He has grown very quickly. He is just not letting his mommy have a little baby for very long at all. The first person to guess Cash was Cristi. So Cristi wins a FREE HEIRLOOM 11X14 WALL PORTRAIT AND A SESSION FEE.

ALL THE OTHERS THAT COMMENTED were put in a hat for a drawing. Jennifer, who did not guess correctly, did win the random drawing for a free session and 2-5x7 portraits from my next promotion.

So are you wondering when is the next promotion? Yes, I have been wondering that too. I had made up my mind to post it as a tentative date, April 18th, the weekend after this one, Easter weekend. My daughter informs me this a.m. or rather reminds me that dance recital is that same date. My thoughts were "oh no! " But as I think some more, it may still possibly be then...if not then the first weekend of May, but I really want to do it this month. Since Cari is driving now, I really think I can still do it then...I just won't be able to do a late session. So stay tuned for the update of this.

I also want to let you know that my mom's surgery went great. Now she has a long road of recovery. She came home yesterday. So Natalie (my little sweetheart) and I are going there today for a few days to help out. Well, I am going to help out by cooking, washing, or whatever my mom needs me to do. Natalie will help by just being herself. She always seems to make us smile and I know my mom needs a Natalie fix too!

I should be back here Thursday.