Friday, June 26, 2009

Baby Douglas and his family (Part 2)

I recently photographed Douglas. I posted the SNEAKPEAK soon after the session. And I recently posted this image for WORDLESS WEDNESDAY. I thought a few more images worthy of posting. So that's what this post is for and my new pole regarding the first two images that I will be setting up real soon. I like both family images, but for different reasons. So just curious: What is your favorite image of Douglas' Family? The previous poll was fun. Image #1 had 94% of the votes and Image #2 had only 11%. I was totally wondering why I even considered the 2nd image until it finally got a vote and then another one! Who knows, maybe you 11% voters were being rebels! LOL Oh well! What ever reason you voted, Thanks! It was fun and now let's do it again. But this time (though not required), comment and tell me what it's your favorite! I am sure Douglas' mom would like to know too!

I love the way his eyes sparkle as much as his smile in this image!

Little Miss Julia..being her sweet, talkative, self!

Again, I love the way the lighting was just right with the sun beginning to go down and the sparkle that it reflected his his beautiful eyes...Oh Let's not forget those beautiful eyeslashes!



Saturday, June 20, 2009


This is the image!
Either comment or email a witty, sweet or whatever it seems to say to you. It speaks volumes, but my creative juices are running low after making the darling tutu. So it's up to you to name this photo! I got this whole idea from MY CHARMING KIDS blog. This family, by the way, needs our prayers again. Baby Stellan is sick again. Go read the most recent posts to see his status on this. This was her most recent PHOTO CONTEST.
So why should you bother with a silly little contest? For the prize, of course! THE WINNER WILL RECEIVE ONE DARLING CUSTOM MADE PINK TUTU created by yours truly. Yeah...I am thinking I am a pro at this after my first attempt. Nah! Not really, but I think you'll like my creation. So play along to win a precious pink tutu for Princess (grand, neice or gift for some precious princess in your life).
  • You have to comment or email me.
  • I need to at least ten people to comment. (Okay, I am realistic. I am no Mckmama)
  • You have 10 days to do this. Contest deadline is June 30th.
  • Okay, that's all the rules. So tell your friends to comment...make a suggestion, whatever so that you have an opportunity to win my really cute tutu. NO! Not that one! You get a new one. It will probably be even better than this one since I am becoming an experienced tutu designer and all!
P.S. While your here, look at THIS POST and the use poll to vote for you favorite of the two images...not prizes here (just for fun)! Also if you haven't joined my group of Followers, please do so! Thanks!
UPDATE: I am loving the entries. In fact, they have inspired my creative juices and I have a title, that I will share later, if no one comes up with something that I love more. This is really fun. I know now why MckMamma likes doing these so much! Tell your friends to try. I do have a few comments on facebook that I will include with the number that I asked for to have enough to give the prize. So we still need come on baby-loving followers and give me best shot!

Friday, June 19, 2009


This little one is Reagan. This is her one-year portrait. It was photographed at Melrose at the best time of the year, when the azaleas were blooming. It is often so hard to catch it just right, but her first birthday/one-year portrait session time came just right. This was photographed in the spring of 2007. So it has been just over two years ago. Little Miss Reagan recently turned three years old. Like the saying goes, "time flies when your having fun".

Oh, yeah...scroll down and see the sneakpeak post that I made last night of Sophie, Lexi and Jaxon. And then use my poll at the upper right hand corner to vote on your favorite image of the two that I posted.


Thursday, June 18, 2009

SNEAKPEAK: Sophie, Lexie & Jaxon


In spite of a most difficult image to capture: Three grandchildren ages 3 yrs., 5 months and 10 days old, we did it. I fell like we captured what their grandmother wanted. She just wanted something with all three babies and I new the only way to capture a newborn of this age was aleep. So I am pleased that we have two nice images. They are both very similiar so I can't decide which is my favorite. I would love to hear from you so that I can tell the grandmother of these three beautiful babies what my followers think. So place your vote!
Oh and while your at it...join my follower list! Thanks!
~~ jami~~


MACY... This is Macy. She is my cousin's step daughter. If you ask her what she's going to be when she grows up. She will tell you, "America's Next Top Model". How's that for goals at 6 years old! This first image of her is sooooo her personality. She really projects a model image!
This is Cade. My aunt's (who is only 9 years old then me) first biological grandbaby. She has Zoe, who is about 8 or 9 now. Also my cousin, Nicholas' first baby. I still remember when he was born. I was twelve and I thought I was grown! Back to reality, Jami!
Isn't he handsome with his bright blue eyes!

The day after my niece's graduation was quite the busy day. Besides going to my neice's softball game, going to wal-mark to purchase an inexpensive slip and slide and swimsuit for Natalie and some of other children. I photographed this impromtu mini session at my mom's house. The lighting was awesome...the mosquitos were terrible. Since we were already making plans for their mommy to make a trip to Concordia Parish this summer for a portrait session, I didn't push this one. In spite, of the limited time and mosquitos trying do tote us off, we got some beautiful images of these two siblings.

She loved modeling.

Looks like he's got something he wants to tell us, huh?

He already has two teeth and he had just made 5 months.

Happy Baby!

I am sure you'll be seeing more of these two soon. But that's it for now.

Friday, June 12, 2009

SISTERS: Marlee Blair (2 yrs.) and Ruby Clair (4 wks)

Doesn't she look like a doll here?

and here too...

Marlee's expressions seems to be saying, "now what?!!!"

This little one had the sweetest sleeping expressions.

See what I mean...

I love this new trend: headbands/hats with a big flower. It just looks so girly and feminine.

And we can't forget this signature image of Little Miss Ruby Clair...
I have worked on these images all day. I should have had this done sooner. So I made myself stick with it today. Now I am going to get them ready to post online so their family can see all of them.
Good Luck to Marlee and Ruby's family on choosing your favorites.


The images included in this collage were photographed June 6, 2008 (approximately one year ago). This is Madison. These images were created as part of her one-year old portrait session. I think she is expecting a new sibling soon. I haven't talked to her mommy lately, but that was what she told me the last time I did talk to her.
The images included in this storyboard were created exactly one year ago today as part of her two-year old portraits to create another photo invitation. Which reminds me, if we're going to do that for this year's party, we need to make a plan. To those of you that may be new to my blog, this is my grandaughter, Natalie. I did photo invitations to her birthday parties for her first and 2nd parties. I intended to do so again last year, but time slipped away. I do hope to do one this year. I have some great ideas for it, but as usual, I have more ideas than I have time for. LOL

Thursday, June 11, 2009



This first images looks like he about to say something. I love his eyes in it.

His mommy and I both loved the way his hand was on this little chair in this one.

I love photos with little ones holding their feet.

Also I love photos of babies leaning forward when they first learn to really helps them balance.

tinted image...

he so wants to crawl...
This was just too funny to sort of reminds me of a comedian...someone like Robin Williams telling a funny story or something. Any other ideas? What does it make you think of?

I took this one for the the eyelash profile.

You know I love, love these eyelashes (close-up of the above images).

This is the same image I posted previously in a black and white image.

I love rubber duckies and babies in tubs!

We sure had him cracked up!


This little guy had so many good images. I narrowed it down to thirty and I could put all of them on here as my favs. So don't you feel sorry for his mommy on making her decision on these?



What a beautiful family!

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

ANOTHER SNEAKPEAK: Douglas (six-months) and Julia (two-years)


Douglas made me so nervous on this bench, but as you can see he had it clinched.

Isn't he handsome...

And such a happy, easy-going baby...

And what a doll Little Miss Julia is...

Julia doing her own pose...

I know I haven't posted it in a while and when I have it has been SNEAKPEAKS. Last week was quite a doosy for now I need to get back to work on orders and editing for the rest of the day. I just couldn't resit working a few of these up since the images were on my mind since I did the session last night (yesterday evening).