Tuesday, June 3, 2008

My New Daugher-in-Law and My Little Sweetheart, Natalie

Two years ago and 10 months ago, when my grand daughter, Natalie, was born, Brittany became a part of our family. It's official. She shares the same name as her daughter, her husband and the rest of our family. It was a simple beautitul wedding. I am so proud of my son and new daughter. Of course, Natalie made everything all the more precious. I wanted to quickly post some images from the bridal session that was done before the wedding and some other images that were used at the wedding. I only took a few at the wedding. I did hire a professional photographer to capture the memories of this special day. But I couldn't resist having a camera in my lap too. I did have a great angle of Natalie trying to help her mommy and daddy with the unity candle that I will post later. But for now please enjoy these images:

This first one was my favorite from the Bridal Portrait Session and was displayed at the door of the reception.

I designed this collage for a special wedding favor that I made (I mean my husband made...I did designed it, but my sweet husband came through for me and really helped out the last few weeks).
Natalie kissing her mommy.
I designed this collage from the first engagment session that we did in the fall on the campus of LSU. It was displayed on an easel on the groom's table with his LSU cake.
This was the engagement signature board. Rather than matting a 5x7 or 4x6 for the wedding party to sign at the rehearsal dinner, I made this in a 11x14 size for them to sign. Through all the chaos, I forgot to take it to the rehearsal dinner. So I just took it back to the lake house and asked everyone to sign it while waiting to take their photographs.

I also loved this one and did another wall portrait in this image and it was displayed near the bride's table.

Isn't she beautiful?
And her mommy is too.

I love, love this one too. I don't think it was posed. I think it was just what I caught Brittany doing while thinking about what we would do next. She is such a natural.

We must have at least one tinted image, uh?
I have more images posted on Natalie's blog from the wedding day.
That's it for now. I will try to post more images later.

I am re-posting this because there was an error in it.
Natalie's Blog:
Let's see if this one works. There was an error in the first time I made. I corrected the spelling, but the link didn't correct itself. So I deleted it and re-added. Hopefully, this one will work. If not go to my favorites and click on "My Little Sweetheart".


Avery's Mommy said...

they are gorgeous!

Cristi said...

Beautiful. I especially loved the first wall portrait. Their faces just glow. You did a great job.

Kassi Randall said...

WOW. Brittany was gorgeous, as was Natalie. I wish I could have been there. Her dress was beautiful!

Diana Thornhill said...

Jami- You always do such a wonderful job. Love, Love, Love the wedding pics. R U Superwoman?? Will call you soon.