Saturday, June 21, 2008


Okay, I have this thing about always trying to include an image with any post (even it isn't related to the this case). This is the first cute one that I ran across when I was looking for something. I am sure you all know that this is MY LITTLE SWEETHEART, NATALIE and she has her own blog listed with the links in the right hand corner if you want to see more of Natalie's World.
I am posting this post to offer to you my clients my most sincerest apologies on the delays of getting your sessions completed and the your session posted on the blog. I have two more almost ready and these that I posted today (Maddox and Will's) are almost ready. I have no great excuses other than the crazy life that I have had the last few months that has caused all my delays: seniors that I pulled in front of other sessions (that I won't being doing any more after this season...I will post more of that subject later), graduation activities with my daughter-in-law, wedding, wedding showers, a prom and even some major construction on my home/business. And of course, you all know I spend a lot of time in the care of my almost-three-year-old grand daugher (whom I adore). I do plan on this getting better in the near future. I only have one new session next week and I hope to do some serious catching up. Hang on Tori, Cristi and Casey. Your sessions are the other two that are almost ready. I haven't forgotten anyone and I will reward you with something extra for patience.
Again please accept my sincerest apologies and I do appreciate each and everyone of you.

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