Friday, August 28, 2009


I know I have been MIA again. It was already chaos around here because of the painting/construction that we are trying to finish (that was started last year). But more recently, my computer has been sick. It has been in the "computer hospital" since Monday. While it has been nice to concentrate on so many other things that need to be done around here, my work is getting behind now what's new, huh? Enough said.

I just wanted touch base with you guys who may or may not be wondering what's going on here. I am also contemplating what/if there will be any promotions this fall or for Christmas. I have lots of great idea, but as I have been doing some cleaning/organizing as I move things around for painting, I realize that one reason that I do NOT want to work because of the unorganized mess that has developed in my mist of working like crazy all the time. When I make the decision of what I will be doing, I will make a post dedicated to that.

For know what going on!


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