Wednesday, September 9, 2009

I am still alive...

Yes, I am still alive. I have just been overwhelmed. Not only I have not completely re-covered from the computer issues, but my home/studio has been going through some major changes. Some that were long overdue, but none the less quite an ordeal. Everything that was in my little office (and if you have ever been here, you know that I had quite outgrown it) ended up in the living room right next to it. Now about 75% of it ended up in my son's bedroom along with many, many other things.

I now have a fresh coat of paint on the walls and ceiling in most rooms (several more rooms to go), but the biggest mess came from repair made to all the cracks in the walls and ceiling that was a direct result of the lifting of the house several more feet, replacing the foundation (all at the same time) and then building a porch that was done last year (Spring 2008). Several other projects were also involved in this: we have closed up a wall (my breakfast room/camera room) and also built a closet in my bedroom. [Winter 2008 did even more inside contruction work.] While when these ideas pop in our head (okay maybe mine) they seem quit simple, but they never are!

So yes, I am still alive. My business, household work and my mental state of mind have suffered. I am beginning to see the light at the end of the tunnel. I will begin trying to finish editing, make a few orders that I have received through all of these, but I above all I will begin organzing it back to functional capacity least I hope so...that's my desire. I will also be annoucing some new changes with JAMI AINSWORTH PORTRAITS too very soon.

Thanks for you patience (even though it's not like you had much of an option). I am truly sorry!


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