Thursday, April 1, 2010


I first met this little guy almost 5 years ago. He was past the ideal age for a newborn session so he wasn't the most cooperative little guy. He fought sleep...didn't curl up like a newborn...well, he was about 6 weeks when we did the session and he was born a large newborn. He wasn't wasting time about growing up either. He was gaining weight very quickly. He, in my opinion, probably because my babies and grandbaby at the time was small, was a large baby and quite adorable with those big blue eyes.
See what I mean? Here he is a few months later a much more happier baby.


Now here is a cute, sweet, adorable little boy loving on some Easter Bunnies!
Today this little guy is 5 years old. Happy Birthday, Conner!

As a photographer, it is so neat to watch children grow up in photographs!



theglenns556 said...

I like the then and now looks. Fun to see kids grow and change through photos. That is why I do Way Back WHENsday. Your idea is great for a photography blog.

PAM said...

love all the photos you take of my grandchildren.they loved the bunny session and i always enjoy visiting with you.:-)can't wait for more photo sessions.
love ya<3