Wednesday, March 31, 2010



Before Bunny Portraits, I had a little photo contest? "Who is this Wednesday?" is what I called it. The winner of the contest had to identify two of the three babies that I had featured.
No one was even attempting a guess at these babies. I new it had been a while since these babies were about 5 years old or older. They were babies that were photographed at a previous Bunnies and Babies event (from 2004). Yeah, it had been awhile, so I decided to change it up a bit and make it tad easier. This time the winner would be the first person who could name two out of three of the babies. Some one did and it was a young girl that I have never met in person...only via Internet. Her name is Brittanie. She is an aspiring young photographer still in high school. She became my blog follower immediately and facebook friend too. She gave me the sweetest compliments. Apparently, I've inspired someone who is interested in photography, something I do not feel worthy. With the anxiety that I have experienced in my personal life and business the last few years, I have not felt extremely impressed with my own work. So with that being said, it is very inspiring to know that I have inspired someone else. If you would like to view some of Brittanie's images, CLICK HERE.
Back to the images that I've posted, these images were captured by woman who inspires me in so many ways. I first met Rachel when I purchased a Christmas tutu from her as a prop. She asked if I was on facebook. I said yeah! But I really wasn't too facebook savvy at the time. Little did I know that this meeting was the beginning of a long distance friendship. Rachel business blossomed last year. She has a boutique business from her home and more recently she has started her own photography business. Talking about a multi-tasking, talented, inspirational woman, who is also the mommy of two small boys! WOW! Just describing this person makes me tired. Rachel is already an awesome photographer! If you like to check out here images, HERE IS HER WEBSITE. When someone picks up a camera and has such a great vision along with awesome photo shop skills that they become a great photographer, it makes me want to quit. It makes me wonder do I have what it takes these days. Then I bring myself back to reality and realize that it takes all kinds to make the world go around. It feels good to finally realize that I and my business do still have a place in this world: a place for classic, clean and yet fun and simple portraiture. Thanks to you that are reading this and to those who have chosen me to capture special moments in yours or your child's life. This has been an incredible journey that God as lead me to and is still leading me through. I covet your prayers as I struggle with the changes that have changed the industry and the many changes that I have gone through and will soon be going through in my personal life.
So I did NOT have that in mind along with post. As most of you know that do follow, I tend to do things from the heart and sometimes I just don't know what direction it is taking me.
Back to the photos that were included. Rachel sells these beanies from her online boutique with Etsy. CLICK HERE TO VIEW COLORS AND TO ORDER. Brittanie, please look here to choose your colors and either contact Rachel or me to make your selection. And thank you, Brittanie, for being a flog follower and playing the contest. It was pointed out to me that silly me posted a collage of Hayden that included his name for the contest. Yeah, often I don't think! You did however, name Laurel too. That's pretty awesome since you don't even know her. You had to do some blog research to find that one out! WAY TO GO!
BTW, the other baby was Micheal. I photographed him and his baby brother, NICHOLAS several times last year. CLICK HERE TO VIEW THAT SESSION FROM LAST YEAR THIS TIME.

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Brittanie said...

Hi Jami. I think I will choose the black hat. Thank you very much for letting me participate and for taking time to do this for me. I really appreciate it. :)