Saturday, July 26, 2008


SHE IS ABOUT A YEAR A HALF. I know you haven't seen any new images lately. I am still trying to catch up and I have four sessions that Ijust finished. Most of them are not that recent, but I am trying. Kinslee's mommy will be glad to finally see these. I do sincerely apologize and it will get better soon around least I think it will.
The first image is a close up of the last one. I dont' know Kinslee well enough to know all her expressions, but I do love this one. It seem very curious and playful, but definitely very sweet.
This next one is has a color play on it. Cute, uh?
Kinslee liked playing dress-up.

another color play giving this images a soft pastel tone...I love images of children with books.

... and I also love images of them holding their feet!

This is the full-length view of the first image. So darling... (my favorite image from this session)

Kinslee is such a beautiful little toddler!

I am only posting a few of Kinslee. I am sure my regular blog viewers are tired of seeing the Independance Day image of Natalie. So enjoy these sweet images of Kinslee. She is such


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