Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Baby Girl and Baby Boy...


I love that I captured both babies asleep. That's always the challenge with twins. The biggest challeng this session was capturing them awake at the same time. Next time I think that will be much better, but for now, I do think I captured some beautiful twin portraits for Delilah's and Leon's families.

Who knew that pacifers could be props too!

I love Delilah's hand in the collage on her brother's shoulder.

I didn't capture as many good images of Delilah as I did o her brother. Next time it will probably be the other way around.


Ariel Rushing said...

It'll be soo different next time. They are both so active now and we have discovered they love looking at the camera and Delilah loves the sounds professional camera make.

The Glenn Gang said...

These are great! I know they are proud!

Penny said...

I think they're outstanding, Jami! Leon and Delilah's grandma lives right down my street. We both think it's neat we got grandsons named "Leon" within a few weeks of each other. What are the odds of that name popping up twice in three weeks and with neighbors.
Anyway, LOVE the pictures, especially the basket one and the paci pics. SO CUTE!!!! Great job!