Wednesday, July 1, 2009


Yesteryday was the "official" end of my NAME THAT PHOTO, my first photo contest. I hope do some more of these. Would any vendors who follow my blog like to participate and be the sponsor and give a way a great prize to the winner?

After I began the contest (the next day or so later), I found my own inspiration and I did come up with a title or caption as you might call it: Brother to Baby Sister, "There are two things in life you can count on: John Deere and Me." Okay, I know...I can't win the prize! So there are several others I really like:

MY DAUGHTER'S FAVORITE (She thinks it should be a short title): "Tutu Deere".--by kanna

But since it is my blog, I get to choose the Winner! It's fun being the boss of something...well, sometimes it is! AND THE WINNER IS: PENNY

I'll let you wear my tutu IF you let me play with your tractor.

And actually, I think I like this better than mine. I wanted something that tied in the brother/sister relationship along with the John Deere (tractor) and the tutu. This sounds just like a conversation to siblings would have with each other.

Penny, I am trying to decided if I will may your tutu or if will get my friend, Rachel, from Washington State, who has made many of my tutus to make one for you. I recently purchased the materials in white and lavendar. Anyhow...I will let you know and I will post a photo of the prize before I send it to you. Contact me via email for your address for me to mail it to you or just meet you in Vidalia at a convenince time for both us. Either way it will be next week or the next before I get it to you. Not much as been accomplished around here this week or last, since I have been on Mimi Duty much more than photographer duty. Congrats to Penny! And thanks to everyone who played along. It was such a fun contest for me!


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Penny said...

Thanks! I'm flattered!
I didn't see an e-mail address on here, but I'll be glad to meet you somewhere and pick it up. Whatever works for you. My only question is, "Can it be sized to fit a 2-3 yr. old, please?" My youngest grandDAUGHTER is 2 1/2 and the baby being "Leon" well.... enough said, huh? Let me know!
Thanks again.