Friday, July 31, 2009


CADE I love the crop of this image. I was cropping a favorite image (shown here in color in the basket) for a close-up shot in one of the parts collages of him. Now I think it is one of my favorite images (cropped just like this) from the whole session.
I love the way babies hold their feet.

I like the way he is leaning in on this one. Of course, we were holding our breath in hopes that he would NOT decide to lunge out the chair. [We did have his mommy spotting him, but it is always one of my fears.]

This was series/group of images captured with his sister with them being angels and I zoomed in for this sweet one of just him. I think it is just precious.

What a beautiful angel!

Boys can be angels too!
As you can see from this capture, this little guy could not or would not be still. He wanted to go, go, go!

Macy outside...

Cade and Macy with their Mommy...

Little Tiger Fans...
I love the way he is holding the football!

The Little Rookie...

and his big sister the model...
Do you remember my post AMERICAN'S NEXT TOP MODEL? This is the same little girl! She loved modeling for me!

This is same image as the first one (not cropped and not convert to black and white). As you can see, it is a great capture either way!


After dance camp, being sick (that I am still getting over), mini vacation, birthday party and I am sure some other details that I am over looking at the moment, I have been doing some catching up this week on editing and ordering too. So hopefully soon, I will have more to post. Though I also undergoing some major work here in my home/studio. I will try to keep my posting updated.

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