Friday, February 19, 2010

Flashback Friday (12.05.09)

This could easily be called BackTracking, but since it is Friday, I am going to call it Flashback Friday. This were taken 12.05.09 and the night before.

I really didn't believe we were going get the snow that they were predicting, but it was certianly cold enough for anything! I had done jr. high cheerleader photos Friday afternoon. I was going to take Natalie with me, but it was sooooo cold. Randy offered to skip hunting and come home to stay with her. It was quite funny because when I was getting ready to leave the house and Natalile knew I was going to do this so she did NOT fall asleep easily like she normally did during our naptime routine. [This was during the time that she was staying here during her parents finals at LSU.] I told her that she was staying home even though she had expressed the desire to go with me. I guess I failed to explain everything (about Poppa coming to stay with her) because when I was getting dressed she looked up at me and told me that she was going to be by herself. I chuckled and explained to her that Poppa would be there before I left.
These first few photos are some of the sights that I saw early the next a.m. while everyone was still sleeping. That night we could not believe it was still snowing. I had picked up a few things and Wal-mart picked up a copy of the DVD, The Grinch. It was so nice and cozy snuggling with my sweetheart and hunny on the couch while it was snowing outside and watching a Christmas movie. By the way, Natalie loved the movie. Randy and I had not seen it in a while. I forgot how funny it was! I kept getting up to see if it was still snowing. It was snowing quite hard at time, but it seemed to be stopping before we went to sleep...which is why I quite surprized to see the snowy white landscapes when I woke u the next morning. I was afraid that it would melt very quickly so I bundled up and took a few photos before anyone else woke up.
These two are the horse pasture.
Our Front Steps...

Okay, excuse these night photos. I grabbed my camera quickly as I unloaded it from the car that night when I came home. For all we knew this was all the snow we would I did not want to take a change and miss a few of my little sweetheart in the snow.

If you look close you see a few flakes in Natalie's hair, but not accumlation yet on the deck.

Now you really see the white polk-a-dots on the black background of the night sky. I really shows up on Randy's black carhart coat too. Of course, you see even more in her hair.

She thought it was so neat.

Silly Girl!
Grinning in the snow.

Trying to eat it?

The next morning after I took a few photos while everyone else slept, I decided I better wake them up before it all melted. I also, half jokingly, mentioned to Cari that we should do a Christmas Card photo. We had been planning to do some the Saints. I had wanted to do all four of them (Cam, Britt, Cari & Nat), but I had already realized with al schedules that it was going to just be Natalie and Cari. I was very surprized the Cari was game. So we rushed around getting ready to get out there and take them before the sun came up any more...I wanted "sweet light",but not only that, I wanted to get them done before the snow melted and so that we would have time to play in it too.
A few of my faves:

I knew I wasn't going to use this one, but I couldn't resist take it. Too bad we didn't own some Saints boots. As cute as Zebra boots are they didn't really go with the look that we had in mind for our Christmas Greeting.

Yes, it was very cold. And this is Natalie telling me that she was cold and that she wanted to put her coat on.

In fact, she didn't want to play in it right away. She had to warm up a bit. So I took a few more "scene" photos and some of Cari.

Cari making a snow angel at the corner of the yard.

Our mailbox...CLICK HERE! To view the post I did last week comparing the snow of 12.05.09 to 02.12.10. It was quite a difference. We just thought this was snow.

Poppa helping his little sweetheart down the steps. It was very slippery.

Cari and Natalie both making snow angels in front of the basket ball court.
They looking at each. I think Cari is telling Natalie what to do.


Then we tried another location. Natalie is so little and we still have more grass and leaves than snow.
A little better...

But as you see, it still didn't show up to great. All the more reason that I wished Natalie had been here last weekend.

Again...she is playing...

"Look at Mimi, Natalie"

Posing for Mimi...

Even though this snow wasn't nothing in comparison to what we had a week ago today (02.12.10), I am so glad that we had this exerience.
~~Natalie's Mimi~~

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Don't feel bad about posting it here. The pics are great. Wish we could get snow again!