Friday, February 19, 2010

OMG...I just made a lovely boo boo. I posted NATALIE'S WORLD Flashback Friday post here on Jami Ainsworth Portraits blog. I could scream. This is definitely one of the pitfalls of having several blogs. I've done this before, but I usually delete or it was between my two personal blogs. I am not deleting it because it was a very long post. It's not like I can copy and paste it to the other one or I would. TO VIEW THE LAST POST OR THE ONE THAT IS TODAY'S FLASHBACK POST THAT INCLUDES THIS COLLAGE CLICK HERE or scroll past the next one.
Sorry folks. I will try to do better. Actually I thought I was because I am actually posting again. LOL at myself.


Penny said...

Did you try to copy and paste? Highlight the whole post, hit control c, then go to the other blog and paste it into the new post by clicking control v. See if that works. =) Great pictures, as usual.

Penny said...

Oh, and the ones of the baby boy, awesome. I haven't even had a chance since school started to get any "real" portraits. The weather and Shelbi's work schedule haven't cooperated at all for me to get any casual senior pics. All I have is the drape shot Van took for the annual, but it is a beautiful picture. =)