Thursday, March 4, 2010


Doesn't this baby girl seems to be saying, "WHO IS THIS?" or "WHERE DID THIS COME FROM?" or maybe "WHAT IN THE WORLD IS THIS?" I love the perplexing look on her face. Yes, she is one of the same babies in WHO'S THIS WEDNESDAY?

So far, no one has made an attempt as guessing these babies names. Did I make it too hard since I photographed these babies five years ago? Maybe before some of my regular followers started having babies and were not aware of many of the other babies around at the time? So I am going to change it up. If you can name two of the three babies, be the first one to comment, you will win, a FREE 11X14 portrait or $100 off of a new session fee package. If you do not live here and want to play, I am thinking of adding a prize for someone who doesn't live in the area too.

So give it a try and make a guess!


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Baylee's Mommy said...

Have you decided when you are doing Easter pics? B and I will be in Vidalia the weekend before Easter. I have a feeling that will be too late. No harm in asking :)