Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Who's this WEDNESDAY?

HINT: He is a few months old.

HINT: She was around 5 months old.

HINT: I think this little guy was about 16 months give or take.

Name all three babies for a nice prize. I haven't decided exactly what it will be yet, but I will annouce the prize later today or by the end of the week.
I am planning to do a bunny promotion this spring, actually in a few weeks, exact date(s) not determined yet. If anyone knows of someone who has bunnies, baby ducks or chicks that I could borrow please let me know. My search is on.
Good luck on guessing, unless you already know.


Avery's Mommy said...

I have studied and studied and can't figure it out. Are their names somewhere else on your blog. The little boy is definintely Hayden ;)

Jami Ainsworth said...

Yes, I have previously, photographed all three children several times. And yes, the little boy is Hayden. So now all someone has to do is to identify one of the other two.

Brittanie Reed said...

the little boy is Hayden and the little girl is Laurel