Friday, October 12, 2007


I put some of last year's images into this year's greeting cards so that you can visualize them with images (not as blank templates).

The first three cards are 5x5 greeting cards.

The name listed here is not their name. Laird is their last name. I only changed the image on it. Of course, we can include your family's name w/o additional fee.

Same greeting in a vertical format...that's Natalie.

Piroux Sibs

On this holiday greeting you can put the children's name on it. It is also ideal for a family of 3. I do know the names listed on this greeting is not their real name. The names shown here are for illustrative purposes. These children are the Hicks Siblings.



Alex again...

The rest of the greetings cards shown are 5x7. All greeting cards are either 5x5 or 5x7. Prices to be posted ASAP.

I hope you this year's greeting as much as I do. I searched far and wide until I found some designs that I thought were just right. I think they are modern with a twist of classic.

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