Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Hatch Extended Family's Portrait Session

I met Katie this past spring when I photographed Julia's Newborn Portrait Session. Yes, many people think I only photograph babies or newborns. I guess babies are my speciality. I have always loved babies and baby could they not be.
As you can see below, I do photograph families too. This is portrait is the formal portrait from the session. Katie and her husband are on the left side of the image, her parents in the middle, and her sister and her husband on the right. The babies dressed in red are Julia and Jack. The first grandson and granddaughter for these grandparents.
Julia and Jack
Julia and Jack with their grandparents. Grandparenting is a love beyond measure...this I know.
Katie's Sister, Sarah and her husband, Donnie
The Mommies and Babies
Julia having some fun with Mommy & Daddy (aka Doug & Katie).
a relationship portrait of the Hatch-Extended Family

Christmas cards for Jack & Julia's grandparents to send out.
Yes, we're in LSU country! The daddies really liked this!

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