Monday, November 26, 2007


This is the rest of the Christmas Images from the 2007 Christmas Portrait Sessions. I may have repeated some of the images twice since I added these at different times rather than all at the same time. I re-added Natalie's and Emma's because I had not finished them and I didn't realize it until I started making the orders.
I hope you enjoy this sneak preview of the Christmas images. They have all been ordered and should be available for pick-up at Dianne's frames by noon Saturday, December 1st. I will post again regarding pick-up.

I just love babies in their holiday clothes...
CAYDEN & his baby sister, SKYLER
I missed this one of Natalie when I posted the ones below.
a few different poses of Jonah than what was posted before...

I don't think I posted this of Reagan already. I realized I had missed the main one that her mommy ordered when I was making the orders.
Landon and his baby brother, Leyton

Emma (with soft smile)
Emma (posing...Mrs. Jami has rubbed off on her)
Emma (with her big smile that mommy wanted to show her first lost tooth)
Emma and Natalie (the best we could get after pleading and begging with our 2 year old)
at least she's looking
I think I posted this already, but it was taken the same time as th ones with his cousin's.
Grace & Seth
I have photographed these two since Grace's first Christmas. She's now a pretty little...not a baby, I a sure her mommy misses that baby.
I missed this one of Madison when I posted the others below...
Alexa and Stewart (yes, I even photograph teens)
Their mom was a great assistant for the promotion.
Seth and Grace (out of order again, but this is the one that mommy liked)
Madison is wearing a dress that was smocked by her mommy's mother. It was Madison's mommy's dress when she was a baby. I just love special heirlooms like this.

without bonnet...
Zachary & Brylie

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theglenns556 said...

SOOOO sweet! I really like the second one of Jonah. I don't remember it. I guess there were too many good ones. Can't wait to get them. I have an empty frame just waiting for his Christmas picture.