Friday, August 1, 2008


My memory isn't that great, but I think Kayla and Blake are 9 and 10 years old. Blake being the older of the two. What I will always remember the most about these this sessions is how much these two children seemed to love each other. Their parents and grandparents have gotta love that! I know siblings always love each other, but most sibs are the way my two used to be--they prefer to act as if they can't stand each other. Though mine are grown or grown and almost grown and they are much better, but as a parent some of my favorites moments in life are where I saw them expressing love or at least like for the other one. So I was most impressed with how these two children related to each other....very, very sweet. Thank you, Blake and Kayla, for sharing your closeness with me.
They are were so easy to pose into these loving postions probably because most of it was them with a little tweaking from the photographer. (lol)
The one above and below are my favorite images from this session.

Of course, they really loved their daddy too.

This is another session that I am trying to catch up on. It really melts my heart to view these images again as I post them. I hope you've enjoyed viewing this sweet relationship too.


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