Friday, August 1, 2008


sweet couple, huh?

These images are, of course, Marc and Jessie, that were photographed at Frogmore. Jessie scheduled the two-part session. She wanted images of Mark and his children for his mom and grandmother for Mother's Day. We surpized them with a sweet slideshow of the images. I heard they truly enjoyed this gift. Jessie as you can tell is not their mom. She is Marc's girlfriend. I was impressed with the fact that she didn't put herself in any of the images with them...she may be a permanent figure in their life one day, but for now she's just a very special person in their life. After all, your photos are forever, but not all relationships will be. However, I will add my 2 cents...I think Marc, Kayla and Blake are very lucky to have a special someone like Jessie in their lives.


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