Wednesday, October 22, 2008


This is Cash.
He is 15 days old in these images.
For some reason, when I was editing, I fell in love with this image. I loved the first one when I picked a few to do the birth annoucements a while back, but now I think this one is one my new favorite.

What a precious little thumb sucker he is!

The New Family of Three

Okay, I was getting closer to getting caught up. This would have been it, but I have done a lot of new work recently...the last promo, and several new sessions.
I intended to have these done Monday, but in addition to everything else, I am still battling with my chronic sinus problems. It's the middle of the week and I finally had a productive day.
I still have a little more to do on this session and another newborn session. This will give you something new to view. More general information on several upcoming events to be posted soon.

I had missed this one!

I always love newborn "sleep" smiles.

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