Monday, October 6, 2008


Often when I do portfolio, business cards, etc., I forget to use images of OUR LITTLE TIGER. But not this time! HERE SHE IS!

She's not the easiest child to work as soon as I was pleased with a pose, I moved on. I am trying to prevent photographer's child (grandchild) burnout. Natalie's daddy is still suffering from it. Maybe not...he never minds taking a photograph with his Little Tiger!

I think my two favorite images are the first one and the "U" image in the storyboard. I only took one of her with the "U". I was pleased. So that was it.
I had a little mini session with Natalie this morning too as you can see since I was in the "mini" session state of mind. I did her in another little dress too. I will post one or two from that tomorrow or the next day. I hope you enjoy these for now!


Natalie in Tiger Land* said...

I love these, I have to put one on my computer for my background! :)

Cristi said...

I love the first one! I love how the LSU peeks out from underneath her chin. Her face is so soft and beautiful. Great picture.

Cristi said...

How was the garage sale? I wish you were closer. I knew by the time I got out there, you would be out of all of Natalies beautiful stuff! LOL