Tuesday, January 20, 2009


Regularly I visit my favorite blogs, occassionaly I visit a view particular blogs that I find intersting and sometimes I even visit one out of the blue that I just ran across from someone's else blog. Well, I got this idea from one that I occassionaly visit. I had not been there in while because of the craziness of the holidays and then when I was trying to mentally recover from this past year, I tried to stay away from the computer...I needed a computer break too!
The other night when I could not sleep, I did some blog visiting I ran across this idea. The contest is for sessions that were posted on my blog...these sessions will be competing again each other for a nice prize. This photographer called hers best of 2008 or something like this. I am going to call mine 2009 contest because as you might guess that's when we are having it. I think hers was 17 of her favorite images and the viewers voted for them. So I have been working on these for the last few days off and on...I know I should be doing other things. I can't think of how this is really going to stimulate the economy or even my checking account, but it sounds like fun and who doesn't need a little fun in their lives.
I have already scanned through the sessions that I have posted and I want to post a few that I have not had a chance to post before I start this...the contest will be from all the sessions that I have posted since I started blogging last fall (excluding 2007 Christmas images). It won't be every session, of course, that would just be way too many. I plan to narrow it down to 15 - 20 sessions. I will post 2-5 of my favorite images from the sessions.
f you have had a session that I have posted this past year and if you think think yours should be in the contest, please email or comment as to why, I will consider it if I wasn't already.
I plan to start the contest early February. I am not sure how long it will run. I want to post a few of my last sessions and I also want to have a chance to send an email and letter (by mail) to let each entrant know so that can be looking for it...it's up to them to let their friends and family know about this to vote for them.
2009 Blog Photo Session Contest (some general ideas/guidelines)
  • Will start some time next month
  • Will go on for about 10-15 days
  • First place winner will receive a 11x14 Heirloom Portrait
  • Second place winner will receive a mounted 8x10 portrait
  • Third place will receive a 5x7 portrait
  • Only one vote per person (Whoever votes will probably have to register with blogger so that I know that you only voted once.)
  • All winners will be notified by email. Winners will also be annouced on the blog.


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