Tuesday, April 14, 2009



Are you wondering where I am and what going on? Me too...well, I guess I sort of know. Last week was consumed with spending time with Natalie and going to my mom's to cook for her and do some light housework. Then I woke up yesterday morning with my major back pain...actually, it's my lower back (right side), an old injury from this summer. I re-scheduled the session for today until tomorrow. I am still not much better so my daughter (who is home this week for spring break) will have do my bending tomorrow. I am sure I will pay for my being my assistant. So as you might guess, I won't be doing my spring portraits this weekend as I mentioned in the previous post that I would consider...not because of the recital but because of this pain in my back (literally). So mark your calendars:

MAY 2nd
"just babies"
I don't have any details as to any special theme or agenda...I may consider also adding a day to two beforehand for those who don't do weekends well. Sorry for the lack of information. Last week, I was overwhelmed with family and Easter. And now this week this back pain. My husband can tell that I am not feeling well today...I haven't had much to say this evening...so not me! So stay tuned for an update.

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