Tuesday, April 7, 2009


Most of you were correct, CASH. Click HERE to see the last time Cash made his appearance here. Click HERE to see the first time I met Cash and his parents. He has grown very quickly. He is just not letting his mommy have a little baby for very long at all. The first person to guess Cash was Cristi. So Cristi wins a FREE HEIRLOOM 11X14 WALL PORTRAIT AND A SESSION FEE.

ALL THE OTHERS THAT COMMENTED were put in a hat for a drawing. Jennifer, who did not guess correctly, did win the random drawing for a free session and 2-5x7 portraits from my next promotion.

So are you wondering when is the next promotion? Yes, I have been wondering that too. I had made up my mind to post it as a tentative date, April 18th, the weekend after this one, Easter weekend. My daughter informs me this a.m. or rather reminds me that dance recital is that same date. My thoughts were "oh no! " But as I think some more, it may still possibly be then...if not then the first weekend of May, but I really want to do it this month. Since Cari is driving now, I really think I can still do it then...I just won't be able to do a late session. So stay tuned for the update of this.

I also want to let you know that my mom's surgery went great. Now she has a long road of recovery. She came home yesterday. So Natalie (my little sweetheart) and I are going there today for a few days to help out. Well, I am going to help out by cooking, washing, or whatever my mom needs me to do. Natalie will help by just being herself. She always seems to make us smile and I know my mom needs a Natalie fix too!

I should be back here Thursday.

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Cristi said...

I am glad your moms ok. Yay for me! Thanks for giving such great prizes! You rock! Talk to you soon. If you do the session the first weekend in May and need my help holler.