Friday, June 26, 2009

Baby Douglas and his family (Part 2)

I recently photographed Douglas. I posted the SNEAKPEAK soon after the session. And I recently posted this image for WORDLESS WEDNESDAY. I thought a few more images worthy of posting. So that's what this post is for and my new pole regarding the first two images that I will be setting up real soon. I like both family images, but for different reasons. So just curious: What is your favorite image of Douglas' Family? The previous poll was fun. Image #1 had 94% of the votes and Image #2 had only 11%. I was totally wondering why I even considered the 2nd image until it finally got a vote and then another one! Who knows, maybe you 11% voters were being rebels! LOL Oh well! What ever reason you voted, Thanks! It was fun and now let's do it again. But this time (though not required), comment and tell me what it's your favorite! I am sure Douglas' mom would like to know too!

I love the way his eyes sparkle as much as his smile in this image!

Little Miss Julia..being her sweet, talkative, self!

Again, I love the way the lighting was just right with the sun beginning to go down and the sparkle that it reflected his his beautiful eyes...Oh Let's not forget those beautiful eyeslashes!



1 comment:

Penny said...

I like both family portraits, but think I'd go with the second, just because I like the lighting on the parents' faces better.
I LOVE the one of Julia on the steps! Her outfit is too cute. =)