Wednesday, October 21, 2009


...and sometimes, one is all you get!
julia and douglas
Okay, I think we got more than one, but I captured only one really good one of both babies, only one wall portrait worthy and here IT IS!

We were beginning to wonder if this portrait session was going to happen. We've been planning for months to do cotton field portraits of these two, but before the cotton was ready, the rain came down and down, day after day. Just when it was looking good, it started raining again. I had planned to do this tomorrow evening, but then Monday night I watched the news and weather. Guess what I learned? Yes, more rain for least it's not predicted to rain several weeks, just one day. I am so glad that this session finally happened. It was your typical session: one child looking when the other is not and vice versa and then when you least expect it, you get a moment like this!


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