Tuesday, October 6, 2009

RYDER and his sister

Newborn Babies: Who doesn't love 'em. Love that little newborn curled up state, love newborn baby wrinkles and dimples too.

(I love that name...especially if he turns out to be a little cowboy!) I've posted half of these images already, but I am still backtracking and trying to get caught up. In event sequence, this session would be next. So this is the sneakpeak and few more faves that I wanted to share.

Ryder, and his big sister, Addison that I photographed two years earlier. I will post some comparison images of the two sibs later this week. But since I am trying to backtrack until I get caught up.
Since Addison just turned two, we went outside to capture her TWO-YEAR PORTRAITS too. I love how beautiful her eyes are in this image and her curious express.

All babies a gifts from God!
Maybe he will be a little cowboy...

Close-up in his mom's arms...
Addison again...So this was the SNEAKPEAK of Ryders session along with Part 2 of some of my faves from the session.

Knock on wood, if nothing bad happens, I am getting caught up on editing, not everything, but editing is the most time consuming part of my business. What will I do then? I have several posts that I would like to include here like suggestion for portraits, F.A.Q (frequently asked questions) and much more! So stayed tuned for more images and more info.


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