Friday, October 2, 2009

Flashback Friday

Okay...I wanted to do a "THEN AND NOW THURSDAY" using some of Layne's images from his first session, then when he was one, two and then the newest one. Okay...I missed out on Thursday. I had a newborn session, took my little sweetheart to her Aunt Cari's pep rally and then she and Iwent to an out-of-town ball game. She is such sweet little cheerleader.

Oops...back to FLASHBACK FRIDAY. I wanted to do something with Layne's images--showing some changes in his short little life. I thought Layne was a great candidate for this since his PREVIOUS POST brought in several comments. What I wasn't counting on was seeing the differences in my black and white conversions that I made over the last few years.
Layne's mommy loving her new baby...
[not exactly newborn because I think he was older than 3 wks]

One year later, it's just as obvious, how much Layne loves his mommy!

I think they both adore each other very much!
What do you think?

Many things about the way I do photography may have changed, but the love of mother and child certainly hasn't. Maybe that's why I am always drawn back to my love of photography. What a great joy for me to capture this for them.


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