Thursday, September 11, 2008


SEE WHAT I MEAN! Any mom who has ever given birth to a baby boy totally understands how beautiful and boy go together. I learned that all to well almost 20 years ago when my beautiful baby boy was born. Of course, before he was born I knew I already loved him. And as soon as I saw his beautiful face, I knew of a love that I did not know existed until that moment in time...a moment that I will never forget. What mom could?
I still remember my husband's cousin (Karen) helping me in my room after the delivering. I remember her asking was I ready to have another baby. My answer was definitely yes...just not today (the day I delivered). I knew I wanted to feel that euphoric feeling again.

Baby Broghan (with eyes open...I don't get too many of these with newborns)
What beautiful, perfect lips...makes you want to kiss him, huh?

These are some of the images that I have been behind on. I am working overtime this week and next week trying to catch up. I did, however, get this birth annoucement much sooner for them to send out (while he still looked like this).

Mothers love images of their children (siblings) loving each other.

Keaton and his future sports buddy, Broghan

One of Broghan's Collages:

Storyboard of Keaton and Broghan:

Often I have a sessions that make mommies and grandmothers cry. And I cannot be in the presence with anyone who cries that I don't cry too (just ask my mom). I am so tenderhearted. But who could not choke on tears when witnessing this:

To Broghan and Keaton's Mommy: Check your email. These are ready to view online and I even saved a few of my favorites just for your viewing only and/or whoever you choose to share your password with.

I really love the outcome of this session!



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