Friday, September 12, 2008


HER NAME IS CAROLINE DREAM ___ HER MOMMY CALLS HER "DREAM"When you look at this beautiful face you certainly understand why.
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Little Miss Dream's happy disposition did not last long. It was late in the evening (after traditional work hours). We scheduled the session like this so her daddy could come and be in some of the portraits too. However, the day before this Baby Dream decided to start going to bed early. That's the thing about working with babies. Their schedules are always changing. So all we can do is try to adapt to them.

Notice how serious she is in the photo above. I only got this one photo after we changed outfit. She was just not a happy camper any longer. She was tired and mood to be photographed.

So to accommodate baby, I offered to split these session up so that she would be happier. I occassionally work on Saturday mornings. I decided this should be one of those times so that Dream's mommy could get the family/relationship images she so desired. Between my schedule and construction on my home/business it was exactly a month later before I got her back in the studio. I think the timing of the day and her age was just perfect this time.

Dream and her Mommy

Dream and her Daddy

All three relating as a family should...lots of love and laughter!

Gotta love a happy baby, huh?

Don't you want to just pinch those checks?

A Family Storyboard:

This is one of those families I have watched grow (in photographs). I photographed Dream's mommy (Danielle) several years ago for her senior portraits. Then a few years later I met her daddy during the engagement session. A few weeks later I photographed their wedding at Eola Hotel. As a photographer, it is neat to watch families grow and change like this.

As many of you know, I am fading away from digital slideshows as my proofing or preview of images from a portrait session. I have not quit 100%, but for the most part I am putting most session online for the families to preview their portraits. In this particular case, I did not do online proofing because they do not have internet or computer access. Which does seem strange to those of us who live on our computer, but it is still common for some people. I have ordered a digital preview album for Little Miss Dream's family, but I still wanted to post these on the blog to share with you (my bog regulars) and for those who may know her family. I purposely do not always include first names and last names for just a little privacy for those involved...of course, in the case of birth annoucements (posted recently), I have included all the information. I hope that's okay. I considered blotting some of it out, but it just looked tacky when I did. I know that the internet is not always the safest place for "too much" information about someone, but overall I think it is okay (at least I hope so).

I hope you enjoyed viewing the images of Dream and the last few posts. I am working so hard to get at least half way caught up this week. Of course, everything else around me is upside down, but I do have the feeling of accomplishment and seeing the light at the end of the tunnel.

I have one more session that I hope to get finished today and uploaded. But then I will spend a few days doing some paper work and maybe some laundry (before we run out of towel...haha). I hope to be back at this pace next week. I would also like to make my annoucement by then too!

So stay tuned!


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