Wednesday, January 16, 2008


Ella was 12 days old for her newborn session. The perfect age for a newborn portrait session. I haven't finsihed all her editing yet. Since I am a low volume studio photographer (who likes things down my way), who tends to overbook at a time when I shouldn't (because I want them at that perfect age) and who spends lots of waking hours waking hours with my beautiful granddaughter, my turnaround time is longer than the average photographer. Once the mommy sees her final presentation, she usually agrees that it was worth the wait. For those who want something quick (ASAP) to share with friends and family, I offer custom designed birth annoucements. I usually email sample annoucements to the mommy within 10 days of the session and I then have the final product within a week of confirmation of which birth annoucment they chose. People often ask me what is my favorite. I like them all. That's why I designed so many....I overshoot. I have many images to edit (hence the longer turnaround time) and then I narrow it down to my favs, which are usually over 100 images including color, bw, relationship and squares for the square collages. So sometimes I have too many favorites for the annoucements too--not to mention that some people like only one image, some want the parents (or siblings in this case) in the design, some like color, some black & white, and some like a mix. So offer a variety of choices.

The angel wings along with the "from God" are probably my most known style of portraits for newborns. Since I do these often because people see them so much, they are my signature style and people want them because they see them. More recently, I have started doing a lot of black on black like with the "BEAUTIFUL BABY BOY" Session that I posted just before this one. But this baby got all white because the beautiful newborn earlier that day, left pee and poo all over the black backgrounds. "I promise, Rebecca, it really is okay." That is part of it! I try not to do two in the same day, but because of my limited session time available because of the holidays and the time I spend my little sweetheart, I felt it necessary. Well, all white session still works too. Baby Ella proved it in these images.


Ella's parents had a hard time choosing too. Thus they chose two different birth annoucements:
Do you have a favorite? Comment and let me know.


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