Wednesday, January 2, 2008


AGES THAT I RECOMMEND FOR FORMAL PORTRAITS FOR INFANTS: I recently had someone to email requesting images of a 5 month old. I could probably dig a little deeper to find some 5 month...but most would be 4 mos. or 6 mos. I recommend babies to be photographed at intervals of milestones rather than age.

  • NEWBORN 5 days to 3 wks. (preferably the younger the better)

  • HOLDING HEAD UP (for a long period of time) while on tummy... 3-4 mos.; but usually closer to 4 mos.

  • SITTING UP (w/o aid and also for long period of time) 6-8 mos., but usually closer to 7 mos.
  • STANDING UP (with or w/o aid) this is usually close to first birthday thus make a great one-year/birthday portrait session

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