Saturday, January 19, 2008


Beautiful tiny baby definitely describe this baby girl. I met Ava last Friday (01.11.08). I have several sessions ahead of her to edit before I get to the rest of Ava's images. I have purposely saved some of my favorties so that her mommy will still be pleasantly surprised when she sees the final presentation. I quickly picked some out to create several birth annoucments for her parents to view and make their final choice. My turnaround time may be slower than some photographers for completion of the final slideshow presentation, but the best things in life are worth waiting for. RIGHT?
Birth Annoucements are usually (w/certain exeptions) delivered or ready for pick up with 2 -3 weeks of the date the session took place...that is if the parent can make a decision. Since I started doing several choices for people to select from, sometimes it is longer.
Probably 75% of my newborn images are in black and white. I love black & white, but newborns just photograph beautifully in bw. As one client said one time, "Black and white hides a mulitude of sins". Of course, babies have no sin. But often they have lot of skin imperfections as this is a common newborn trait. After all, their skin that has been kept moist (floating in water) for 9 months all of suddenly is surving the world w/o water. Of course, most of the skin issues develop around two and half to three weeks and may last weeks. Another good reason to do those newborn portraits as soon as possible. In fact, I even recommend people pre-scheduling before baby is born...somewhat like you pre-register with the hospital. Ava was 15 days old. She was born weighing only 4 lbs and 11 oz. So she may look even younger than she is though I was told she was over 5 lbs by her one week check up.

In this image, Ava is wrapped in a special blanket made by her mommy's aunt.

Ava and her mommy

Ava and her family

I love, love this image of Ava and her big brother, Gage. Isn't he just a doll too?

Sometimes we have problems getting them too sleep. Even as such a tiny infant and still so young, Ava, was no exception. But once we got her there she stayed alseep until it was time to eat again. Though she looks wide awake here, she opened her eyes a few times to see what was going on and then went back to sleep to capture even more beautiful relationship images with her family.

See what I mean--- we continued to get beautiful images...

This is everyone's hands. From bottom to top: Daddy, Mommy, Brother and Baby Ava

"Behold, children are a GIFT OF THE LORD..." Psalms 127:3 "IN THE ARMS OF LOVE"
I think she is "Daddy's Girl" already.


Anonymous said...

what wonderful pictures. This is an exceptionally attractive family, and you have caught their wonderful and warm family dynamic just perfectly!

Ann Tillman

Anonymous said...

Excellent idea