Monday, December 15, 2008



sweet, huh?

(even if did only get a few of those--moms love these--I know I doo)

Have you seen any more handsome boys in pink?

I am still trying to catch up. I plan to get a lot of word done the next few days since I have schedule "work" days this week...not sessions. I just wanted to post a few more images from the recent Christmas promotion (I say recent...these are from the first one).

I had posted last week that the Christmas Packages would be available pick up at Dianne's Frames on Friday. Well for some reason they were delayed through UPS shipping. I do expect to receive those today, but it may be late in the day. So stay tuned as to which day they will be available to pick up.
Okay, I just wanted to post something. I still have a lot of more ordering to do and the older sessions to get finished before I can begin my holiday shopping and planning. I have several sets of images ready that I have recently ordered so I just wanted to pause a few and give you something new to view.
So back to all the other work for me.

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