Thursday, June 11, 2009



This first images looks like he about to say something. I love his eyes in it.

His mommy and I both loved the way his hand was on this little chair in this one.

I love photos with little ones holding their feet.

Also I love photos of babies leaning forward when they first learn to really helps them balance.

tinted image...

he so wants to crawl...
This was just too funny to sort of reminds me of a comedian...someone like Robin Williams telling a funny story or something. Any other ideas? What does it make you think of?

I took this one for the the eyelash profile.

You know I love, love these eyelashes (close-up of the above images).

This is the same image I posted previously in a black and white image.

I love rubber duckies and babies in tubs!

We sure had him cracked up!


This little guy had so many good images. I narrowed it down to thirty and I could put all of them on here as my favs. So don't you feel sorry for his mommy on making her decision on these?



Amanda said...

They are all great, Jami. I hate to choose!

Cristi said...

Good Eli pictures! Thanks for you comment on my blog. Honestly mostly it was right out of the camera, except for cropping. The software that came with my camera has expired. I only have Corel Photo which does very very little. You can do an auto fix thing, but lots of times that wont look right. I have been thinking about purchasing one but dont really know what to look for or how much to expect to spend. Any tips? Photoshop????

Penny said...

Those are all sweet! I love that porcelain tub in the last one! He looks like he cooperated well for you to get so many beautiful images. =)