Saturday, June 20, 2009


This is the image!
Either comment or email a witty, sweet or whatever it seems to say to you. It speaks volumes, but my creative juices are running low after making the darling tutu. So it's up to you to name this photo! I got this whole idea from MY CHARMING KIDS blog. This family, by the way, needs our prayers again. Baby Stellan is sick again. Go read the most recent posts to see his status on this. This was her most recent PHOTO CONTEST.
So why should you bother with a silly little contest? For the prize, of course! THE WINNER WILL RECEIVE ONE DARLING CUSTOM MADE PINK TUTU created by yours truly. Yeah...I am thinking I am a pro at this after my first attempt. Nah! Not really, but I think you'll like my creation. So play along to win a precious pink tutu for Princess (grand, neice or gift for some precious princess in your life).
  • You have to comment or email me.
  • I need to at least ten people to comment. (Okay, I am realistic. I am no Mckmama)
  • You have 10 days to do this. Contest deadline is June 30th.
  • Okay, that's all the rules. So tell your friends to comment...make a suggestion, whatever so that you have an opportunity to win my really cute tutu. NO! Not that one! You get a new one. It will probably be even better than this one since I am becoming an experienced tutu designer and all!
P.S. While your here, look at THIS POST and the use poll to vote for you favorite of the two images...not prizes here (just for fun)! Also if you haven't joined my group of Followers, please do so! Thanks!
UPDATE: I am loving the entries. In fact, they have inspired my creative juices and I have a title, that I will share later, if no one comes up with something that I love more. This is really fun. I know now why MckMamma likes doing these so much! Tell your friends to try. I do have a few comments on facebook that I will include with the number that I asked for to have enough to give the prize. So we still need come on baby-loving followers and give me best shot!


laura_h2007 said...

Who says country can't be cute?

ArielRushing said...

Sibling are always there for you.

emilee said...

I will always be your big brother

Cristi said...

I disqualify myself for this contest since I won the last one! Thanks! But I would say "You take care of the work, I'll take care of the cute!"

Penny said...

I'll let you wear my tutu IF you let me play with your tractor.

Aimee B said...

Now do-si-do your sister

Anonymous said...

Not that I have a say in the final name, but I do like Penny's comment! Someone told me "Rugged meets refined, sort of..." and "country ballerina" I'm loving showing them off! - Michelle

kanna said...

"Tutu Deere"-not that I want to win a pink tutu!

Laney said...

It takes two to "tutu"

Cristi said...

I like Pennys too.