Tuesday, February 12, 2008


This is baby Carley. She is about 16 days old in these images. Her portrait session was just before Christmas. Her mommy just completed her reprint order and I realized that I had not posted any of her images yet. These are some of my favorites.

She is unusually fat for such a young baby. I love this pose. What a great eye contact for such a young baby!
Isn't she adorable?
Carley and Her Daddy This is one of the collages that I designed for Carley's slideshow presentation. She had some of the longest hair that I have seeen for a newborn. Her mommy did purchase this one as well as another one.
Carley and Her Mommy
What a beautiful family!
I love watching these new parents. The are so "in love" with their new bundle of love. That has to be the best part of photographing newborns. Everytime it refreshes my memory of that "in love" state that I had each time I gave birth and at the birth of my granddaughter. The first time you really feel this amazing new love is the first time you hold that first child...we soon realize that there is a LOVE we really did not know existed until then. We think we love them before they born and then they are born and we finally hold this helpless new human life and our hearts just melt. This is the child that you patiently waited 9 mos, prepared in every way you thought possible, but nothing truly prepares you for this... And let's not forget her Angel Portrait. Gotta loves those cute little pucker lips.
Carley and her family were so such sweet people. Her mommy was so concerned about the "accidents" on the floor. I reassured her that Carley wasn't the first baby to pee and poo on my floor and backgrounds. And of course, she won't be the last. LOL That's just part of photographing naked babies!

Never a dull moment here~~Jami

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