Sunday, February 10, 2008


This is Maddox and his daddy.
This is Maddox wearing his hand knit hat that his mommy received as a special gift for him.
Maddox and His Family
Maddox being admired by his big sister, Ava.
Maddox and His Mommy

This a collage called FAMILY. It gives the definition of family below it: "a group of people that love and care for one another.

Maddox receiving a little love from his big sister, Ava.
I met Ava about 2 years ago when she was about the same age as Maddox. Maddox is a little older than the ideal age for a newborn session, but there's no such thing as bad age for a portrait session especially one that depicts the love and relationship of family as these do. Because of the holidays and babies getting sick, we ended up doing Maddox newborn baby session about the same age as his sister's session almost two years ago.

The is how Ava looks now.

This is how Ava looked when I met her about 2 years ago. What a little doll!
This is Ava about the same age as Maddox's image
This is Maddox is an almost identical outfit. His had blue trim and hers pink. They look so much alike...though I think he will have blue eyes like his dad. Ava has beautiufl brown eye like her mommy.
These next two really show how much they look alike. This is Maddox.
This is Ava. Can you belive this?
I finally finished editing this session. His family will be seeing it soon. As you can see they had so many beautiful images that editing took a little while. That's it for a few days. The next few sessions that I have to edit I won't be posting because I already posted some of them when I did the birth annoucment images. My next one will be an almost four month old. Until then. ---jami

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