Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Baby Lydia Three Month Old (almost 4 mos.)

I don't know which I prefer...what do you think?
One with the bonnet...
This should have been Lydia's 3 month portrait session. Her mommy is trying to keep up with them like she did for her older sister. But we all know it is so much harder when you have the 2nd baby (for obvious reasons...now you have two to care for). But since Lydia is almost 4 months, she could hold her head up...her sister didn't do that, uh?
Isn't she a cutie with those big blue eyes? She had really filled out since I last saw her. I will try to go back and post a few from her newborn session. It was done before I started posting regular sessions.
I love these big eyes!
And guess who this is? Lydia's sister, Laurel, photographed about 3 years ago.
They are wearing the same Christening dress. Their mommy wore it and so did her mommy. What a great heirloom to cherish along with beautiful baby portraits wearing it.
Laurel in her blue dress~~
Laurel discovering her hand :)
This is Lydia again...Love those early baby expressions~
That it for now for Baby Lydia and her sister Laurel (3 yrs ago).

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