Wednesday, February 13, 2008


"L" is for Love.
"I love you this much." And our love collage...
I used the above storybooard collage to create a Valentine's Card from Natalie for us to send out. Most of them are still sitting in the box, but I am trying...

IThis made my 3rd Valentine message to do since she has been born. Well that one for each Valentine's since her birth including the one tomorrow. I really didn't have any real plans of doing one this year. We had just got back from our cruise and I am still recovering from that and Christmas too. But her mommy wanted to do some sort of photo surprize of both of them for Natalie's daddy. So while we were at it. I got these out of the mini session too.

Happy Valentine's from Natalie and Jami Ainsworth Portraits~~jami

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