Tuesday, February 26, 2008



And yes she was my first Surrogate baby to photograph. I photographed her a little while back (back when I was too busy to post new session images). I was looking at her images again as I was making her mommy's permanent slideshow and which made me realize that I need to post some of her images too. She was two weeks old. EDITED: IF YOU ALREADY READ THIS, I WAS WRONG. I WAS DOING SOME FILING TODAY AFTER I POSTED THIS AND SAW THAT STARLET WAS 8 DAYS OLD. WHAT A GREAT AGE! I think she was born a little early. She was still very small at the time of her session. I love 'em this small. I love them still in fetal position....
These two are the ones that look like she is still in utero. I wished I had some of these poses of my babies when they were this young. This is such fleeting stage of an infant's life.

angel baby...

Mommy and Daddy: They are her "real" parents (biological parents). Someone else carried her, but she is flesh of their flesh.

I usually ask parents what images that I have done that stand out in their mind so that I can know what they really like and what they want of their babies. And as you can see her mommy liked my flower babies...

All children are gifts from God.

Business Card designed from Starlet's session. I try to remember to create a business card from each session. It is perfect for them to share with friends and family with their baby as the model.

That's all I will be posting this week. I would like to post some images from the last two sessions from last week, but I have tons to do today because we are leaving for a trip to Memphis tomorrow. It will have to wait until next week.

I must brag on my husband. He will be receiving an award at the Southern Cotton Ginner's annual banquet in Memphis. He has received the honor of Ginner of the Year. The formal annoucement of this has been printed in the Delta Farm Press Magazine that will be distributed at the annual FARM AND GIN SHOW in Memphis at the Cook Convention Center. I went to their website trying to find a link to it. Maybe they won't have it until after the gin show since that is the formal annoucement. I wanted to add it to this. I was asked to do the photos which made me nervous since it is a little different type of work for me. But they did included one of Randy and Natalie. This is the link to the last article (not the one about ginner of the year):


That's it for now. I hope to post some images from this special event in our family's life. Our family is very proud of Randy and his accomplishments, but as he said it all because of us (his family) that he desires success. Love ya, Honey!


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Anonymous said...

Some of the most beautiful baby pics ever - then knowing the efforts that went into bringing her here! Wow!