Tuesday, February 19, 2008


These are Heather's Bridal Portraits. I was pleased with them and I wanted to post them before now, but I knew I should wait until the wedding. It has past. It was few days ago. It was a lot of fun! Heather, I am so glad you have so much fun on your special day!

A window light portrait...

I made this as a suprize for the bride. I had these printed into 4x6 and gave them to them to set out at the reception as a wedding keepsake for their guests.
Could this be a little attitude? I never thought of sweet Heather as one to have attitude, but I think it's just hard not to shine and feel beautiful when you wear a dress like this!

The next few images were done in the bay window (the one I broke while trying to get just the right angle and yes, my husband, has forgiven me for that now...he had to spend the rest of his day fixing it...Thanks, Baby!)

I fell in love with the lighting of her eyes. When I was doing some others of her sitting on the porch, I had to get close and capture the sparkle in her eyes.

one of the first ones we shot in the parlor
Another window portrait. This was the one! This was the 16x20 that was displayed at the reception. What a beautiful bride!
One last one...
This is the same as the first one but with a little more background. I really like the tight crop and love the square crops for posting on the blog, but I really like this one too showing some of the railing of the porch. So I guess I going to let you see both version.

I have several sessions to shoot this week, many to work on, and a trip to get ready for next week, but I will try to pick out a few from the wedding to post too. It was a really fun wedding and I am so glad I was there. It was one of those wedding that I would have wanted to be a guest if I had not been the photographer.
But for now that is it.

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