Tuesday, April 22, 2008


Addy wasn't your typical newborn nor was her session your typical newborn portrait session. Occasionally, I run across a newborn baby is very sensitive and every little movement or change bothers her...usually it isn't a newborn it is a premie who seems like a newborn. But this describes Addy. Her mom will be surprized to see how many good images that I did still get from the first part of her session. It was only about 1/3 of what I normally get in the normal amount of time that I alot for a newborn session. I could see we just weren't going to get the relationship images that day so I suggested splitting her session up. That way we could do the relationship images while her daddy was in. We were both glad that the 2nd half went much better than the first half...though the 2nd half was all about her being in someone's arms (her favorite place to be). So as I look at these images of Addy, I realize that if I had not be there for her session, I would not have guessed it to be any more difficult than other typical newborn portrait session.
A typical-Addy reaction to most things...

This is Addy's big sister, Taegan. I did her newborn session about three years ago...probably one of my easiest sessions up to that time and maybe since then...so I guess it would stand to reason that her sister be the total opposite.

Her little cocoon image... eye open without crying, Yea!


Wow, another one awake.Asleep, But Not Relaxed...
One reason we photograph newborns asleep because usually that's when they are relaxed and not jerky.

Teagan, Addy's big sister

Isn't she a doll too!

And baby makes four.

There's nothing in this world like the image of a daddy holding his newborn baby.

In mommy's hands (I think I had one like this of Taegan in her daddy's hands.)
Addy and her mommy
Addy with both her parents...
Though Addy has started out as a challenging newborn to her family and even to her photographer, I think we can all agree that this images capture her angelic nature.
That's it for now. I am almost through editing Addy's images. I am so behind on so many things. I usually put most baby sessions on hold a bit while I rush the seniors through, but since I was sooooo behind (because of so many reasons, two trips this year, the overwhelming Christmas holiday season, and the fact that I have continued to book), I felt like I should get a few of things older baby sessions done before the seniors get edited. Today I am doing that. I have a few sessions about ready to post on the blog. I have tried to keep them in order. I started after I finish a session to choose blog images which is giving a great starting point when I get to the actual session's editing process. I think it will really speed that up.
I am also planning to get one or two people to work from their home to help me. Hopefully, between that and the online proofing that I in the process of setting up, that this will increase my production time.
That's it for now.

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